Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 is about to start : from January, a rich program of events, a calendar that involves the whole territory, transformed into an 'openair lab'

With its packed program of events (which starts on 20-21-22 January with the inauguration ceremony), Bergamo Brescia 2023 Italian Capital of Culture does not involve only two large and beautiful cities that have always respected and loyally competed with each other.

Bergamo Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 was born from an intense dialogue with the territory: the two provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, where millenary traditions coexist and innovative realities, unique natural landscapes that are too often unknown or too little explored, monuments, history, prehistory. And an endemic avant-garde food and wine current.

An ancient land that is constantly reborn and regenerated in a modernist fervor. A place of ethnic stratification whose artistic heritage and entrepreneurial vocations make it a research laboratory for the synergistic stimuli and challenges expressed by the the work of a taciturn, modest and at the same time highly productive people.

What does The Enlightened City mean for the Italian Capital of Culture 2023?

The theme of Bergamo Brescia 2023 is The Enlightened City.

Enlightened in a broad sense: to indicate a broad-minded, open, tolerant territory, capable of considering differences as a richness to be explored. And consider culture as an intellectual purpose of palingenesis of the community: a new dawn of change, a new step or evolutionary leap in the direction of awakening.

The projects and events scheduled for BGBS2023 were defined by a downloadable dossier here, and selected on the basis of their ability to use culture as tools for territorial development.

Four areas of action:

  • culture as a cure, which reinterprets the local tradition of solidarity
  • the city of nature, to redesign relationships in view of a sustainable coexistence
  • the city of hidden treasures, to rethink the relationship with the existing heritage
  • the city that invents, to tell the story of the inventive, design and construction capabilities of the manufacturing world

Bergamo Brescia 2023: programme, calendar and dates

What opens up will therefore be a year of happening which has involved - and which will support - associations, foundations, academies, universities, institutions, companies, and important research poles.

The calendar of initiatives is very rich: we are talking about 100 major projects with over 500 initiatives as a corollary distributed in both the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia thanks to the network built on the territories.

Below are our choices and proposals starting from January and the multidisciplinary, musical and artistic projects that are continuously updated.

Italian Capital of Culture 2023: inauguration info

The inauguration ceremony on 20, 21 and 22 January 2023 opens the year of BGBS2023 and The Illuminated City with three days of events.

The format will be the same in Bergamo and Brescia, albeit with different guests and contents.

  • January 20, 2023: opening ceremonies at the Teatro Grande and at the Donizetti with reciprocal live broadcasts
  • 21 January 2023: street parties with events and concerts open to all
  • January 22, 2023: places of culture open to all free of charge or with special discounts

Bergamo Brescia 2023: Art programme

After a long period of closure, the New Museum of the Risorgimento in the Castle of Brescia opens on 29 January.

  • From 28 January to 4 June 2023 on display Cecco Il Caravaggio: The model pupil. Carrara Academy of Bergamo
  • From 21 January to 11 June 2023 Lotto, Romanino, Moretto, Ceruti The champions of painting in Brescia and Bergamo. Palazzo Martinengo Brescia
  • From February 2 to May 28, 2023 A leap into the void. Art beyond matter last chapter of the Trilogy of Matter dedicated to the theme of dematerialization. GAMeC Bergamo
  • From February 14 Misery and nobility. Giacomo Ceruti in eighteenth-century Europe. The exhibition, at the Santa Giulia Museum, highlights, on the one hand, Ceruti's roots in the adventure of 'reality painting' in Lombardy, which began between Bergamo and Brescia in the middle of the sixteenth century, and, on the other, the international reach of his path, capable of intercepting supra-regional instances.
  • The Festa delle Luci in Brescia between 10 and 19 February and in Bergamo between 17 and 26 February will become art galleries open air with the participation of national and international artists.
  • From January to October 2023 in Bienno, Val Camonica, Borgo degli Artisti 2.0. The program includes exhibitions and the residency project for artists whose theme "Innovation of Heritage" is aimed at enhancing traditions through a contemporary vision of the territory.
  • Sulzano, Lake Iseo, The Hands of Lorenzo Quinn, two hands will emerge from the water as if to support the world.

Bergamo Brescia 2023: music and theater programme

  • CULTURE CARE proposed by Teatro 19 (Brescia school of dramatic art) places the theater at the service of psychiatric rehabilitation and acceptance of mental illness. Brescia, Rovato (BS) and Verdello (BG)
  • On November 17 and November 25 2023 Donizetti Opera Festival.
  • The Flood, a rarely performed work by Gaetano Donizetti. Bergamo
  • From June 9th to 10th Festa dell'Opera free event: the Opera for all, also through contaminations with other musical languages (jazz, electronica, pop, contemporary music ). Brescia
  • From February onwards, the City of Jazz presents the two musical formations Take Off and Panorchestra: the Theaters for jazz. Donizetti Theater Foundation in Bergamo and Teatro Grande Foundation in Brescia. In both cities
  • From March 1 to June 1, 2023 Harlequin's cloak. A participatory show as a means of collective reworking of the pandemic event. Bergamo

Bergamo Brescia 2023: nature and landscape programme

  • From 7 to 24 September Landscape Festival 2023 promotes the culture of the landscape. Bergamo
  • The road of the two sisters. A 140 km journey (on the hillside of the two provinces) that crosses 37 Municipalities, for six stages of an average of 20-25 kilometers each.
  • Culture Cycle Route. The 75 km long cycle route passes through 27 municipalities, starting from the Venetian walls of Bergamo and arriving at the complex of S. Giulia and the Capitolium in the center of Brescia (Unesco sites).

Bergamo Brescia 2023: photography programme

  • From 24 March to 25 June 2023 Luci della Montagna photographic exhibition, starring Ansel Adams, Martin Chambi, Vittorio Sella and the contemporary master (Axel Hütte) as well as the mountain peaks. Museum of Santa Giulia Brescia
  • On March 31st Corporate culture between Bergamo and Brescia. Stories of innovation in photography. History Museum of Bergamo and the Convent of San Francesco in Brescia