Waiting for the 23rd International Exhibition, the Milan Triennale is warming up its engines. With a multidisciplinary schedule, built on different formats and tones of voice, in the name of inclusion and clarity of presentation

True contemporaneity, philosopher Franco Bolelli said, coincides with the ability to mix different knowledge, while creativity is nourished by forays into apparently distant worlds. In short, if we want to grow, we cannot ignore embracing all that is "other", pursuing that horizontality of thought, made up of mental hyperlinks, which leads to opening the eyes but above all the brain.

This is why, at least to see it described on paper, the 23rd International Exhibition, which will open its doors at the Triennale di Milano in May 2022, promises to be a quintessentially contemporary experience. An exhibition that, in the words of the President of the Triennale Stefano Boeri, "diverting the gaze from anthropocentric certainties, will open up to the unknown and the unknown, with a fluid exchange between the arts and sciences". Starting from the title (Unknown Unknowns. An Introduction to Mysteries) but above all considering that the curator, astrophysicist and Chief Diversity Officer of ESA Ersilia Vaudo, is very far from the world of design as we are used to thinking of it in Milan and Italy in general.

While waiting for the big event, the Triennale reopens its doors (from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11.00 to 20.00) with in-person programming supported by digital activities: special contents, guided tours, meetings, insights on the triennale.org Magazine and podcasts dedicated to the exhibitions, the Museo del Design Italiano and the programming of Triennale Milano Teatro, published on the website and on the social channels.

It is useless to tell the rich schedule in detail (you can find it here). On the other hand, it seems right to draw attention to the laudable intention of explaining its contents better and better, with different modalities and tones of voice in order to address an ever wider audience.

What is most striking, in fact, is the mix of formats which, in addition of course to the exhibitions, includes meetings, festivals, screenings, shows, concerts, performances, workshops and a radio channel (Radio Raheem, the Radio in Residence of Triennale Milano, which starts on May 26) to deepen the themes of the schedule. While the podcast series From the Moon (curated by David Plaisant), the articles of Diario 2022 on the Triennale online magazine and the Pick your Mistery appointments scheduled for July as part of the Triennale Summer will allow begin to explore the mysteries that will be at the center of the exhibition curated by Ersilia Vauro.

Even the Design Museum, in the past criticized for being not very explanatory towards the visitor, will be enriched by a series of interventions that will concern captions and textual apparatuses, to deepen the function of the objects and the context in which they were designed and produced. While along the walls of the Museum a story of the history of the Triennale will be developed, which in 2023 will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its foundation.

Definitely inclusive signals that are pleasing to note at a time when the desire for culture and sharing is so great: a unique opportunity to find one's audience but also to expand to other worlds.

Read the program here

Cover: Triennale Summer 2020, photo Gianluca Di Ioia