In Sicily, the first edition of Radicepura Garden Festival, organized by Fondazione Radicepura, focuses on garden design and landscape architecture of the Mediterranean, and involves young designers, institutions, companies, and outstanding figures in the fields of landscape design, art and architecture.

In the Radicepura Botanical Park it will be possible to visit 14 gardens, made for the occasion with the most original plants cultivated by Piante Faro, including 800 species and over 5000 varieties.


Four of the gardens will be by internationally renowned garden designers: Michel Péna, Stefano Passerotti, James Basson, Kamelia Zaal. Six others, of smaller size, will be made by young landscape designers selected by means of an international call.


The heart of the festival is the celebration of gardens, not only in aesthetic-cultural terms, but also for their role as an ideal place to linger over the beauty of the Sicily region, in this case: through the personal interpretation of the Mediterranean Experience, the theme of this first edition of the festival that combines art, wine, food and environmental protection.