Pure volumes, solid footprints, an almost classical consistency and functional quality: rationalist elements that live on in the exhibition by Paola Marzano, shown at Galleria d'Arte Eleuteri, via Fontanella Borghese 62, with the support of the Latium Region– Department of Culture, Art and Sports, the Province of Rome, City of Rome– Department of Cultural Policies and the Historical Center, the City of Gallipoli, Norman Academy. Research on pure, essential form that should express the function of the object, rejection of ornament and decoration: these are the main characteristics of Italian Rationalism, formulated in 1930 by Gruppo 7, a group of architects from the Milan Polytechnic. The artist Paola Marzano accompanies the viewer in the exploration of this rationalist version of Rome, proposing architectural views of EUR and the Foro Italico, evoking metaphysical and surreal atmospheres.