A giant toast for the recovery: the 'sparkling' RCR Cristalleria Italiana created – and filled – a record-breaking Gin&Tonic glass

To greet the recovery of 2021 in an energetic and joyful way, RCR Cristalleria Italiana, a reference in table accessories and especially in the Mixology sector, has thought of a giant auspicious toast, creating a record-breaking Gin&Tonic glass.

On 12 June 2021, on the occasion of the World Gin Day, the ‘sparkling’ and dynamic company from Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena) set up - and animated - a stage with an international resonance to 'rise' in this 2021 as a protagonist, to amaze and leave your mark in a spectacular way. RCS created the Alkemist Gin Tonic glass in an exceptional size  2.5 meters high, with a diameter of 1.4 meters and filled it with over 1000 liters of Guiness World Record cocktails, breaking the official record and certified, of the largest Gin Tonic in the world which stood at around 946 liters.

With overwhelming enthusiasm, on 12 June 2021 the giant reproduction of Alkemist Gin Tonic RCR was presented, the new glass of the RCR collection made of Luxion Eco-Crystal Glass, the only 100% recyclable ecological crystal. The shape of the cup was developed with the leading Gin Tonic experts, while the innovative material guarantees the maintenance of the temperature and a transparency superior to any other type of glass.

International reference in the production of high quality glass for the art of the table, wine tasting and home accessories, but above all one of the main interpreters of cocktail art, RCR Cristalleria Italiana is a 100% made in Italy brand, with about 300 employees, which has one of its founding values in eco-sustainability.

Immersed in the heart of Tuscany, RCR represents a virtuous example in terms of respect for the environment. All products are in fact made of Luxion Eco-Crystal Glass, a patented material obtained with a production process without the emission of fumes or other pollutants into the atmosphere, using renewable sources (30,000 square meters of photovoltaic, geothermal, biomass) and pure raw materials, which make each product 100% recyclable.

The record-breaking glass reproduces the shape of Alkemist Gin Tonic, RCR's top-of-the-range cup for all gin lovers. The shape of the cup comes from a scrupulous study of the specific – alchemical – characteristics of the cocktail, while the Luxion Eco-Crystal Glass guarantees a temperature maintenance and a transparency superior to any other type of glass.

A thirst-quenching cocktail par excellence, the Gin Tonic is very simple to mix: it is prepared directly in a glass, full of ice, with a specific shape: pour the desired quantity of gin to which tonic water and a slice of lemon are added, which some they squeeze directly into the drink.

The recipe, very easy, does not need any modification, since Gin Tonic has been drunk since 1700. The cocktail was born in India, in the wake of the British army, as a ‘medicine’ to fight malaria. Each soldier was in fact entitled to a dose of gin (brandy), diluted with water and ice, to make the quinine less bitter. Over time, the recipe was perfected, thanks to the invention of tonic water, which greatly facilitates the mixing of the cocktail.

Industrial ecological crystal, performing and ultraclear, compliant with high ethical and environmental standards, produced with the attention to detail typical of the craftsman. This is the mission of RCR Cristalleria Italiana, an innovative and reliable supplier of superior high quality sonic glass.

RCR is a green company that has always focused its research efforts, its technical and scientific resources and its investments on sustainable development and environmental issues. The motto reads “Doing good to people, is good for business”. In fact, economic sustainability arises from a new business model based on social and environmental sustainability.

“We believe that eco-sustainability is a commitment to be pursued, not only for the ethical values that are expressed, but also for the important positive effects that are had at the business level. We believe it is important to express this commitment at all levels, transmitting it to everyone” commented Roberto Pierucci, CEO of RCR Cristalleria Italiana. “In recent years we have defined a strong sustainability path. It is a path from which there is no turning back and which we will pursue now more than ever, to ensure recovery with a virtuous strategy. Our customers know what they buy from us, how we produce it and the ethics we put into it. We like to play with words: in RCR Cristalleria Italiana everything is transparent: from our intentions, to our emissions, to our way of producing, to our Luxion Eco Crystal Glass”.

Among the various cutting-edge solutions, RCR electric ovens: powered with electricity deriving from directly or indirectly renewable sources and from pure raw materials, they allow to obtain a material with maximum brilliance and transparency, without using highly polluting bleaching agents.

Founded in 1967 from an idea of a group of artisans who, with courage and talent, expressed the highest level of the art of glassware, in 1973 RCR introduced electric melting ovens and the first automatic production line for goblets. Ten years later, the company is already distributed in over 85 countries and in 1995 it launched the largest electric furnace for melting crystal articles.

2007 marks the turning point for RCR which, after major investments in research and development in the sustainable field, abandons the production of traditional crystal (with lead oxide), introducing Luxion Eco-Crystal Glass. And the image changes too.

Today, RCR's industrial center has a high degree of vertical integration that allows it to concentrate the entire production process internally, from product design to mold making, up to marketing and distribution in over 100 countries around the world. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the Colle Val d’Elsa company also produces 50,000 pieces a day.

With its expertise in the art of the table, RCR offers a wide range of solutions for the home and the professional hospitality sector. Goblets, glasses and accessories for lunches and dinners, receptions, meetings, events and parties. Thanks to its long collaboration with wineries, RCR has developed technical tools for the tasting of all types of wine. The peculiarities of Luxion Eco-Crystal Glass allow you to appreciate wines and beverages, enhancing their organoleptic characteristics and sensory analysis.

RCR products are ideal for every day and for all times of the day. Resistant to over 4,000 washes in the dishwasher, they are perfect for daily use both at home and in restaurants.