Networking to approach the market and the crisis, creating innovation and relying on the strong points of Made in Italy: fine craftsmanship, design, innovation, materials. Rethinking the Product, now in its sixth edition, involves 5 territories, 53 companies and 10 young designers. The project is organized by five Chambers of Commerce, of Prato, Lucca, Pisa, Pistoia and Terni, to construct a network of businesses capable of simulating innovation, creating new products and improving competitive potential to operate on new markets. The 2013 edition hosts 53 companies and a team of young designers from the Accademia Italiana coordinated by Walter Conti and Tito La Porta. 140 projects have been completed in the previous editions of the event. Each designer is asked to invent a synthesis involving at least two companies from very different sectors: metals, stone, marble, glass, wood, plastics, fabric, paper. In short: to rethink products, triggering innovation and stimulating collaboration between businesses willing to face the challenge of change and creativity. Rethinking the Product is an international project, which last year was a part of 100% Design London, and will present prototypes again this year at strategic international events.