The exhibition Ri_Scatti is on the road, and reaches Brescia after the success at PAC in Milan in February.

For the first time, homeless men and women take photographs of their world in a surprising project created by the non-profit association Ri_scatti (, founded in 2015 with the aim of promoting social integration.

The 95 photographs on display document often hidden realities, selected from many photos taken in two months by 13 homeless people indicated by the Social Services of the Help Center of the City of Milan for the competition Ri_scatti. The show also includes portraits of 8 of the protagonists, taken by the fashion and lifestyle photographer Stefano Guindani.

The itinerary is a narrative of their life, through images: where they spend their days, where they sleep, how they get clothing, where they wash, who are their “traveling companions.”

The works in the show can be purchased through a donation and the proceeds go to support for the homeless, and the shelter of San Vincenzo de Paoli in Brescia.

The exhibition is the result of a project that began in 2014, from an idea of Federica Balestrieri, a journalist for RAI and founder of the association Ri_scatti, involving the homeless people in a photographic training course that developed first into a competition and then into an exhibition, thanks to the collaboration of the photography agency SGP-Stefano Guindani and Echo Photo Agency, with the support of Tod’s. di un progetto, promosso dall’Associazione Terza Settimana di Torino in collaborazione con l’Assessorato alle Politiche Sociali e l’Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Milano e nato nel 2014 da un’idea di Federica Balestrieri, giornalista Rai e

Hours: 10.00-19-00 every day, free of charge