In Ferrara from 13 to 29 May, Riaperture PhotoFestival 2022, will be dedicated to the journey. Between exhibitions, workshops and talks, it creates a link between the forgotten spaces of the city and the power of photography

For its 6th edition Riaperture PhotoFestival Ferrara goes on stage from 13 to 29 May 2022, in the name of travel, declined in all its possible forms and means. For three weekends the public will be able to travel not only to the non-places of Ferrara, but also to discover reality lived and immortalized by the great names of photography, among which Giovanni Chiaramonte, Guia Besana, Paolo Verzone, Andrew Rovenko and Alba Zari stand out.

Forgotten spaces and the power of photography

Between exhibitions, workshops and talks, the Ferrara festival advocates its mission, which is to create a solid link between the forgotten spaces of the city and the power of photography.

Physical and introspective journeys

After a period of deprivation, limitations and sedentary lifestyle, Riaperture embarks on the path towards a return to normality, celebrating the travel as exercise of wonder, to be carried out physically, without forgetting the introspective experience that distance has imposed on each of us, forcing us to travel with the mind, looking out the window or strolling through virtual streets inside a monitor.

Photo contest open until April 30

The Ferrara festival proposes its photo contest which intends to investigate the theme of travel through the objective of self-taught, passionate, emerging and professional photographers, local and otherwise . All participants will be able to participate both with a single shot and with an entire photographic project.

How to participate

The deadline for participation has been extended to 30 April 2022. The winners of each category will have the opportunity to exhibit their works in a group exhibition on the occasion of Reopening 2022. Rules and info to participate in the competition at this link

Andrew Rovenko: The Rocketgirl Chronicles

Among the various photographic exhibitions one stands out, which literally tells a space journey. A little explorer wanders around Melbourne, complete with an astronaut helmet and an aerospace suit. The most intense moments of this imaginary adventure are told in The Rocketgirl Chronicles, thanks to the irreplaceable gaze of her travel companion and father, Andrew Rovenko.

Guia Besana: Carry On

With Carry On, the viewer will get lost among the tiles of the photographic mosaic created by Guia Besana in which projections, visions and emotions of an all-female flight converge. The title oscillates between the literal sense of hand luggage and the metaphorical one of an inner journey in which feelings of fear, of a contingent nature due to the conditions of the flight, and projections into a visionary future in which, with unknown passengers, one can share the randomness of encounters and the feeling of an intense collective adventure.

Giovanni Chiaramonte: Westward

The master of Italian photography Giovanni Chiaramonte, with the Westward project carried out between 1991 and 1992, will accompany the viewer on a journey through the great American cities. A long pilgrimage, a painful journey, sometimes desolate, in immense spaces, between the solitude of deserted cities, suspended in the silences of landscapes crossed by roads whose destination we ignore, surrounded by a sky streaked with clouds.