“What would happen if Milan were suddenly surrounded by the sea?” (from Grammatica della Fantasia by Gianni Rodari)


What would happen if Portello became an airplane runway? And if the San Siro Stadium became a spaceship, swallowed up by a space-time vortex?

These are just two of the fantastic hypotheses found in this narrative of Milan.


Area Ricerca Progressiva of StudioAzzurro hosts a video installation for eight synchronized screens. The gaze encounters architecture, spaces, transformations over time. Milan displays itself in all its amazing, never predictable complexity.

The installation tries to cross time with the gaze, the layered patterns of the city, seeking things repressed or overlooked, finding the past in the present.

Idea and production: Chiara Ligi, Silvia Pellizzari, Micol Riva, Martina Rosa.

Sounds and music: Tommaso Leddi and Lorenzo Villa.

Architectural consulting: Ilaria Farina.