The project for the new Cultural Center of Ranica (Bergamo), by DAP studio and Paola Diaconia, has received the OAB Architecture Prize organized by the Association of Architects of the Province of Bergamo to honor the best works built in the territory over the last decade. The jury, chaired by Aurelio Galfetti, selected this project as the best public work. Opened to the public in Spring 2010, the building – which contains a civic library, an auditorium, a daycare center, a dance school and a theater school – has two stacked volumes that open in the middle to form an internal courtyard to capture natural light and generate urban vitality. The architecture, in fact, contains a new piazza, a new meeting place, open to the city and its residents. The lower volume is glazed, transparent, displaying the activities that take place inside, to stimulate curiosity and participation. The upper volume becomes an urban landmark, with a sequence of slightly opaque sheets of colored honeycomb polycarbonate, through which it is possible to glimpse the profiles of persons inside. The interiors, light and sober, are organized in a complex way to add dynamism to the environment and the activities that take place inside the facility.