Rockfon Mono Acoustic for Casa Fantini Lake Time

Rockfon Mono Acoustic for Casa Fantini Lake Time: an acoustic suspended ceiling that helps to set the slow, harmonious pace of a boutique hotel on Lake Orta

With its custom acoustic solutions, Rockfon is an excellent choice for the hospitality sector. After the Hotel Viu Milan, the new Casa Fantini Lake Time is a boutique hotel on Lake Orta, designed by Lissoni Architettura.

The experience of Casa Fantini Lake Time starts in the lounge, the heart of the facility. This space features Rockfon Mono Acoustic, the premium product among the Rockfon acoustic solutions in rock wool, a monolithic suspended ceiling that combines great looks with the highest levels of acoustic comfort, with sound absorption in class A (up to αw 1.00).

The product has made it possible to create a welcoming atmosphere for moments of contemplation of the landscape, or for socializing and interaction.

For Casa Fantini Lake Time, due to the spirit of the place, it was necessary to create a relaxing context, with quiet spaces in which to linger, listening to music, reading, or just taking in the magnificent view.