Interni May issue on newsstands with the Annual Contract 2021

Italian design travels the world. Even the most problematic times, dictated by the pandemic and related restrictions, do not necessarily have to imply a void in terms of projects and communication. This is what emerges from the investigation on exports presented in this issue, conducted with the help of excellent companies of Made in Italy, operating on a worldwide, capillary basis. The results of the study are much more positive than we might have imagined they would be one year ago, after the production stoppage starting in March 2020, during the initial phase of the health emergency. The market has restarted, driven by China and the East.

And what has made the difference is the expertise of Made in Italy, extending to research, innovation, quality and the ability to create site-specific projects that respond to different needs, for different countries and latitudes. We also narrate custom-made works featuring great sartorial care and extraordinary Italian know-how in the section on architecture, presenting works selected precisely to address this theme. From Japan to France, Sicily to northern Italy, these projects bring out the value of a personalized habitat, of an ideal aesthetic wellbeing in public spaces, closely connected with the secrets of materials and the cultures of the locations with which the works establish a dialogue. Elsewhere, the removal of barriers as an expression of interdisciplinary thinking is also the theme of the Italian pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale that opens this month. We are looking forward to seeing how this formula takes shape.

Roots and routes