The Patrizia Pepe headquarters features spaces in which the creative aspect is the central element. Precisely in this building, over the years, the company’s link with culture has grown, hosting exhibitions of contemporary art. This time, with curating by Ronaldo Fiesoli, Patrizia Pepe opens to the world of design, involving three art designers who establish a dialogue, though they come from different backgrounds. Marta Sansoni presents a path formed by light, controlled, restrained objects: pale furnishings in painted wood, gathered on a low circular platform. Small animals, also in white, accentuate the natural-ideal aspect. Alessandrajane works with fabrics and expresses her creativity through complex and sophisticated interventions of draping with fabrics, ribbons, yarns and pins. She constructs by cutting, deconstructing, reassembling, transforming. She designs and exhibits architectures for the body. Donatella Mei chooses to obtain, with the help of various translucent, opalescent and fluorescent materials, effects of transparency, light, lightness and color. The project references the world of nature, giving rise to jewelry and works structured and presented like little Edens.