From 14 May the 2022 exhibition of the Vitra Schaudepot opens: for 12 months the permanent collection will be reorganized according to the artistic interpretation of Sabine Marcelis. Color is the key

With a title that is also a claim, an invitation, an experiential promise, the Vitra Design Museum presents the 2022 exhibition of the permanent collection at Vitra Schaudepot: with Color Rush! the color is the protagonist this year, in a wave of attractive (in the true sense of the term) positive energy that pervades all the exhibition spaces and fully reflects the artistic personality of Sabine Marcelis .

For the annual appointment, which opens on 14 May 2022 and will last 12 months as usual (until May 2023), now familiar to enthusiasts and experts, the Vitra Museum in fact, he invited the Dutch designer to transform and reinterpret the organization of around 400 works - between historical and contemporary pieces.

The artist's contribution can be read in a creative method that is intuitive for the visitor and exciting for everyone. The face is hyper pop and the soul reflective: the color at the center of the structural work, brings together a mix of immediacy of interpretation and significant signal cultural.

Because as Vitra states: "All eras and cultures have symbols and traditions distinguished by specific shades. This is one of the reasons why colors play a central role in interior design, fashion and public spaces".

The mixing on a chromatic basis is capable of giving the pieces now masters of the space an unprecedented freshness: the contribution of Sabine Marcelis also translates into a opportunity to observe the same iconic pieces (perhaps already seen) from a completely new angle. The works are organized in this case by color, in fact, in an experimental combination of textures, shapes, eras.

Color Rush! by Sabine Marcelis demonstrates why a careful choice of shades and shades is central to design and interior design: "Natural colors tend to suggest a welcoming atmosphere; bright colors represent unconventional attitudes; exposed and unpainted surfaces can express a minimalist or purist philosophy".

Con una creatività poliedrica che incrocia ispirazioni e contesti inaspettati Marcelis, che sarà anche presente alla Design Week 2022 con la mostra collettiva Monumental Wonders di SolidNature realizzata insieme con lo studio di architettura OMA, ha dichiarato qualche tempo fa in un’intervista per Design at Large che le sue creazioni non nascono per stupire con l’estetica ma che l’artista "Trova la bellezza mettendo a nudo l’essenza delle cose".

È da dire che, oltre all’intento, tutto ciò che porta la sua firma è in realtà una pura (e a questo punto innocente) ode alla bellezza. E anche questo allestimento, che di contenuto e di sostanza parla chiaro anzi chiarissimo, si contraddistingue per un approccio completamente immersivo che ruota intorno all’elemento che per eccellenza rende bella qualsiasi cosa nel mondo: il colore, che è anche sinonimo di vita.

Cover photo: Key Visual for the Colour Rush! exhibition, an installation by Sabine Marcelis  © Vitra Design Museum, credits: Judith Brugger