The high-end kitchen appliance brand has opened, on Wigmore Street, the first ScholtèsCentre of Excellence, designed by Patricia Urquiola, a display format that starting this year will be applied by all the showrooms opened by the brand. Not just a showroom, but a multifunctional space to contain a lifestyle area that is ideal for demonstrations, professional courses, private dinners. The format, conceived to bring out the essential values of the brand and the excellence of its products, is a perfect combination of tradition and innovation, functional quality and advanced technology, all guiding concepts behind the output of Scholtès, with its professionalism, excellence and timeless design.Made with fine materials of great visual impact, like shiny copper for the walls, custom stone tiles and a range of ecocompatible substances, the Scholtès Centre of Excellence has been designed to make selection and purchasing of appliances a practical and enjoyable process. In keeping with this logic, the display cubes designed by Urquiola stand out for their dynamism. The kitchen components, inserted in modular structures, can be arranged in different configurations, making it possible to organize spaces to meet the different needs of individual interior settings.