The workshop by Giulio Iacchettiis one of the first activities of the new design department of Accademia Abadir, a way of experimenting with forms of collaboration and exchange between education, the territory and the world of design professionals. Abadir, in fact, encourages exploration of the Sicilian territory as a base of educational content, a field and reservoir of experiences and images. “Secondo imbrunire” – the title that pays tribute to a song by Franco Battiato – has developed within the activites of the master’s program in product design Out [of the] Door,which opens up to the contribution of Giulio Iacchetti to investigate the possibilities of volcanic material, experimenting with its characteristics for the production of objects. A fundamental role is played by the operative network that supports Abadir in this process of experimentation and reinforces the sense of sharing of experience: ADI, on the one hand, which since 1956 has gathered together designers, companies, researchers, teachers, critics and journalists around design themes, and with its Sicilian delegation has focused on a process of connection of all those realities working on design culture in the region. Farm Cultural Park, OJi Design and .utografo are also involved, which for some years now have enlivened the world of contemporary art and design in Sicily and beyond. The four days will conclude with a public presentation of the works created during the workshop.