Sebastian Herkner (Germany), Lanzavecchia + Way (Italy & Singapore), Mischer’Traxler (Austria), Society of Architecture (Korea), Matteo Zorzenoni (Italy), Vittorio Venezia (Italy), paradisiartificiali (Italy), Mana Bernardes (Brazil) are the eight finalists in the second edition of Progetto Alcantara – MAXXI. Their projects will be shown in the exhibition Shape your life! Progetto Alcantara -MAXXI, organized by MAXXI Architettura under the direction of Margherita Gruccione. The process has involved 50 international selectors, each invited to indicate one designer under 35. These designers were chosen based on their background by an international jury of experts, which picked the 8 finalists to make a project on the theme of the new exhibition. The title of the show, curated by Giulio Cappellini and Domitilla Dardi, urges: Shape your life! Starting with consideration of a lifestyle that becomes increasingly nomadic and dynamic, making us often live outside the home, the challenge of the show is to interpret new living scenarios to respond to this situation.