The Shoah Memorial of Milan (Track 21) has been unveiled, in an area of the Central Station located below the regular train tracks. From 1943 to 1945 this was the place where hundreds of Jews were loaded onto freight cars for deportation. The structure is composed of two main areas: the Memorial, a zone for documentary evidence of the events, and the Laboratory of Memory, a system of spaces for study, research and documentation, gatherings and dialogue. The Shoah Memorial, with an area of about 7000 m2, is on two levels – ground floor and basement – and respects the original morphology of the site, conserving its specific identity. A sequential system of spaces, to form an itinerary that starts with the "Room of witnessing", filled with the voices of survivors, and leads to the space of the movement of the rail cars, known as the "Track of the unknown destination", concluding with the "Wall of names", the emblem of the memory of the tragedy of the Shoah.