Kerameikos, the exhibition of contemporary Vietri ceramic art, is on display from 8 April to next 10 May at the Antico Arsenale in Amalfi

From 8 April to next 10 May the Ancient Arsenal of Amalfi will act as the setting for Kerameikos, an exhibition of contemporary Vietri artistic ceramics curated by the professor and art critic Massimo Bignardi.

On display 160 works by four masters of the Amalfi coast: Salvatore Autuori, Vincenzo Caruso, Giuseppe Di Muro and Ferdinando Vassallo. Sponsored by the Municipality of Amalfi, the exhibition is organized by Agarte - Fucina delle Arti , an association of non-profit socio-cultural promotion, in collaboration with the Amalfi art disseminators Gennaro Mangieri and Salvatore Perrone.

Each of the artists proposes unpublished works, created exclusively for the event: unique pieces of ceramic sculptures from which emerges the technical experimentation expressed through material effects, compositions, dexterity and colors, thanks to which the imagery of popular and archaic Mediterranean ceramics merges into a new expressiveness that takes into account the contemporary and the magnificent historical place in which they are located.

An innovative vision, which takes on the task of communicating, through an articulated research path, the different faces of the material thanks to the work of a group of extraordinary artists who, boldly going beyond the pure functionalism of ceramics and flooding the space delimited by color, they testify to the desire to rewrite consolidated rules to give life to objects of unrepeatable beauty, a breath of fresh air against the trite banality of everyday life.

The event is accompanied by the production of a catalog raisonné signed by Agarte - Fucina delle Arti, with a critical text edited by professor Massimo Bignardi and printed by Gutenberg Editions.

The photos are by Antonio Caporaso and Jacopo Naddeo.