The Municipality of Castell'Arquato celebrates Gianfranco Asveri, an artist with an instinctive and childish pictorial style, with an important personal exhibition

Hosted in the evocative Palazzo del Podestà of Castell'Arquato from 23 March, the day of the inauguration, to 12 May 2024 the exhibition “ GIANFRANCO ASVERI. Courtyard tales"is a tribute to a Master who, with his vital and material brushstrokes, frees the observer. Dreamlike landscapes and fantastic animals evoke fairy-tale adventures, intertwining contemporary art and the world of childhood.

The exhibition, an exclusive occasion that opens the 2024 exhibitions in Castell'Arquato, welcomes around 30 paintings including oils, acrylics and drawings created between 2011 and 2024, in mixed media on wood, on canvas, on paper, on cardboard and cardboard, distributed over the two floors of the thirteenth-century building, symbol of the Borgo di Castell'Arquato. On the second floor there are large-format works, on the lower one there are some plates, exhibition catalogs and video projections that tell the story of the artist's work, including a workshop for children.

“A few days from the spring equinox, in which nature awakens and transforms the landscape, the exhibition is a tribute to a poet artist, who in painting and in contact with Nature and its power of seduction, found the reason for living and the medium for interpreting the world", declares the Councilor for Culture and Tourism Gilda Bojardi, "the author, who has a deep connection with the earth native and the hills of Castell'Arquato, she has exhibited in various countries such as Belgium, England, Switzerland, Holland up to the Far East in Hong Kong. It is an honor to pay homage to an excellence who has given so much to our community and who brings a message of peace to the world."

Who is Gianfranco Asveri?

Born in Fiorenzuola d'Arda in 1948 and self-taught by training, Gianfranco Asveri first dedicated himself to the exercise of traditional figurative language to approach, starting from the 1980s, the expressionism of Art Brut. He lives and works in Gasperini, a hamlet near Castell'Arquato. A singular refuge, full of personality and surrounded by greenery, where he transforms an emotional universe into works of art exhibited in important galleries and in countless exhibitions. His work, authentic and lively, surprises with the naturalness with which it embraces reality. Art critics such as Luca Beatrice, Elena Pontiggia, Alessandro Riva, Giorgio Seveso, Elisabetta Longari, Luciano Caprile but also children talk about it, for them Asveri is the 'Master of Fantasy'.

The paintings: between dream and reality

“In Asveri's paintings we find real elements which, transfigured, blend together, synthesize myths, fables, allegories and legends of his land”, writes the curator Silvia Bonomini, “His painting, fresh and sunny, captivates with its character of genuineness and immediacy and leads back to the adventures of Pinocchio and certain characters created by the pen of Carlo Collodi. [...] This magic begins already in the titles of the paintings, because works of art - a bit like books - have a name. Traveling Fables, Memoirs, Abracadabra and Noah's Ark are titles that evoke an enchanted world free from constraints and precise spatial and temporal coordinates".

The primordial pictorial style and the conscious balance of shapes and colors break contemporary aesthetic patterns and academic rigor in favor of spontaneity. Thus the artist builds his 'grammar of fantasy' and paints dreams, people and animals: the wolf, the owl, the owl, the rooster, the crow.

The public is persuaded precisely by this immediacy of the paintings: in the wake of the historical avant-gardes of the twentieth century, the warm informality of the Artist - an invitation to participate in the work - excites the the observer, who evokes memories and landscapes and wanders with his imagination.

Backyard tales: satellite initiatives

The exhibition is curated by Silvia Bonomini and Sandra Bozzarelli with the active contribution of Alberto Portapuglia, a great personal friend of the artist and organized by theMunicipality of Castell'Arquato with the support of the Fondazione Piacenza e Vigevano, Banca Generali Private and Rossetti Market and in collaboration with Pro Loco Castell'Arquato and IAT-R.

In addition to the catalogue, published by Edizioni Tip.Le.Co Piacenza, the exhibition is accompanied by some initiatives designed for young people and students and coordinated directly by Asveri.

Exhibition opening: 23.03-12.05.2024

Inauguration: 03.23.2024, h. 11.00, Council Room of the Palazzo del Podestà, Piazza del Municipio 1, Castell'Arquato (PC)

Times: Friday 2.30pm - 6.00pm
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 12.30 / 14.30 - 18.00

Free entry