The Achille Castiglioni Foundation opens today the exhibition Fa balà i man. And he announced the eviction from the studio in Piazza Castello. “Achilles wouldn't have flinched”

Some places are eternal, like Achille Castiglioni's studio in Piazza Castello.

Today a Foundation, but above all a place to go and breathe the light, curious and ironic air of the master. And then instead there is life, which always changes the cards on the table. And it happens that the Fondazione Castiglioni receives the eviction.

A bit like asking the Duomo of Milan to step further due to emerging needs, from the point of view of design lovers.

Eviction is not a tragedy

Giovanna Castiglioni announced this during the inauguration of Fa balà i man, the exhibition curated by Marco Marzini on the theme of taking, grabbing, turning in Castiglioni's projects.

After sixty years, twenty of which belonged to the Foundation, Achilles' studio had to move. One can imagine that a kind of black hole remains after having emptied the two hundred meters of Piazza Castello.

And instead: "It's not a tragedy," comments Giovanna Castiglioni. “To Achilles he would not have moved a comma, on the contrary. He would have rolled up his sleeves and enthusiastically looked for one of those places he liked so much: an old factory, a workshop”.

Institutions and Superintendency are looking for solutions

After all, it was unlikely that the Masters of design worried too much about the future or the past. Achille Castiglioni lived an eternal present as a curious and ironic child.

“He has not asked any of his heirs to take care of the archive, of the study, to protect or conserve his memory. He was such a man: he took it for granted that the 'after' did not concern him ”.

In fact, the Castiglioni Foundation was created above all by the will of his wife Irma.

“Eviction puts us in front of a problem, it's true. We are in contact with the institutions, the Artistic and Archival Superintendence. But we don't have any definitive answers yet.

In the meantime, we are starting to look for a new space, possibly larger, for the archive and for our community". It cannot be hoped that in the case of a real farewell to the studio, it will be in grand style, creative, ironic and a little ritual, à la Castiglioni.

In the meantime, let's focus on Fa balà i man

Fa balà i man so it could be the last exhibition in Piazza Castello.

“Among all the objects designed by the Castiglionis, I chose to explore those that presented the greatest interaction between form and hand, use and gesture. A challenge that has found its oxygen within the relationship form-function, a fundamental prerequisite in
work of the Castiglioni,” explains the curator Marco Marzini.

"Objects must keep company", said Achilles, a clear synthesis of humanization of the inanimate which must therefore be given a 'familiar' extension to the human hand.

Thus, handles, knobs, recesses, little knobs, rotating sleeves, elements that favor the grip, are born on objects.

They are objects that reach out to the user, they are there to be used, consumed, to live in our lives.