During the FuoriSalone 2023 the photographer Julia Scribani Rossi staged a 'pop-up exhibition' lasting just one day, dedicated to the character of Glenn Gould

During the FuoriSalone 2023, in Milan at the Artistic Sacristy of the Cloister of S.Maria del Carmine, a photographic exhibition was staged of a single day: a 'pop-up' format that opened at 12.00 on 3 May 2023 and ended at 10.00 pm on the same day.

The subject was Glenn Gould and the creative mind of the project, but also of the exhibition, was the young Italian-German photographer Julia Scribani Rossi who with her multidisciplinary background has created a meeting between architecture, history, cinema and photography.

Glenn Gould in Milan, during the FuroriSalone 2023

On display, for one day only, a selection of shots taken by Julia Scribani Rossi from the film "The Divine Comet" by Mimmo Paladino, which in that period anticipated the release of the film in Italian cinemas by a few days (the film was in fact released on 11 May 2023).

An unprecedented selection of equally exclusive images focused on the character of Glenn Gould, in a combination of architecture, worlds and volumes created by Paladino.

The 10 photographs on display, shot with film in black and white, created a strong link between the architectural declination of the set and its relationship with the actor's body: a story in which the scenic elements dialogue with the physicality of the character. .