In the heart of the Quadrilatero, the sixth edition of the project that combines art, architecture and design

Now in its sixth edition, the multidisciplinary project HoperAperta participates in the Milan Design Week 2024 with Mimesis. Form and Image.

The interdisciplinary exhibition, curated by Patrizia Catalano and Maurizio Barberis, is set up in a private space on via Sant'Andrea and immersed in an elegant Milanese context; scheduled from 15 to 21 April the project that fuses art, design and fashion involves multiple creative voices that reveal room after room to the visitor.

Among the actors involved: the Institute of Technology of New York, Department of Architecture and Design, already a partner of HoperAperta in 2022 and 2023, and which is founded - similarly to the events held in recent years in Milan, Genoa, Barcelona (ES) , Soglio (CH) – on a dialogue between different disciplines, creating a synergistic relationship between the interpreters of the arts scene.

Paraphrasing Plato's Republic, one could argue that any object designed, imagined or created, however reproduced in an image with different potential uses, presupposes three different degrees of approximation: a point of relationship, a transformation point, a point of representation. An ideal form, completely independent of its functions, constitutes a first point of Mimesis.

Mimesis therefore indicates a identification process, a symbiotic action between two image-forms of different nature. For example, Mimesis can be generated in the space-time relationship of an object, rather than in the relationship between light and movement or finally in the relationship that is created between the object-image and its ideal staging, through different forms of theatricality. The staging of the object, the idea of theatre produced through an active imagination, going beyond its practical function, is transformed into a work of art, a work conceived as the theatricalization of an idea, a process of synthesis that we could define as form/image.

The exhibition therefore proposes a comparison on these themes between the artists and architects invited to exhibit. Maurizio Barberis, addresses the theme through the theatricalization of an image reduced to an object of use; the work of Alfonso Femia, however, is placed in the synthesis, a point of relationship, between the image of the Temple and the figure of the Vitruvian theatre; Armando Bruno works in the reprise-mimesis of Francis Bacon's conceptual cage; Elena Salmistraro works in the mirrored reduction of two symmetrically opposed figures. And again, Spagnulo and Partners creates the staging of a work that summarizes the relationship between light and time; finally, Carmelo Zappulla designs a work that takes into account the variations in light in the contemporary city.

Finally, on this occasion, the New York Institute of Technology presents seven projects created by a group of undergraduates from the Fabrication and Robotics course, under the supervision of Fadhil Fadhil and Alessandro Melis.

Mimesis will find another important exhibition moment, thanks to the partnership with the Paolo Grassi Foundation, at the Palazzo Ducale in Martina Franca from 21 June to 20 August 2024, on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the Valle d'Opera Festival Itria.
The artists on display are: Maurizio Barberis, Armando Bruno, Dorian Salmistraro, Studio Spagnulo and Partners, Alberto Vannetti, Carmelo Zappulla.

Mimesis avails itself of the collaboration of: Cromonichel, De Castelli, iGuzzini, Gonzato Group, Julia Marmi, Marmi Faedo, Artisans Loving Robots, Panzeri, Sprech, Zeus, companies that represent excellence in the lighting engineering field, in the processing and finishing of materials such as metal, stone, marble, and which have a sustainable approach to enhancing the environment in which they operate.
The exhibition is included in the schedule of the Milan Design Week 2024 promoted and organized by the Municipality of Milan.