An exhibition of drawings by Sergei Tchoban at the Graphics Museum in Pisa addresses the theme of towers, between history, present and future

'Towers' and not 'Skycrapers' is the deliberate title of the anthological exhibition of Sergei Tchoban's drawings dedicated to the typology of vertical architecture, organized by Graphic Museum of Palazzo Lanfranchi in Pisa from10 November at the end of February 2024.

Sergei Tchoban, a Russian architect who moved to Berlin in 1991 - where the Tchoban Voss Architekten studio is based - has always combined his activity as a designer with the 'artistic' practice of architectural drawing, taken both as a tool for verification of design ideas, both as a discipline in itself, linked to the best tradition of urban views, real and fantastic.

A passionate collector of architectural drawings, for which he established the eponymous Foundation in Berlin with headquarters in the Museum of architectural drawing he designed, Tchoban brings together in the Pisa exhibition a rich selection of drawings dedicated to the theme of the Tower > declined into distinct genres, but part of a single historical-compositional synthesis.

The approximately ninety towers on display, if they pay homage to the 850th anniversary of the beginning of the construction of the Tower of Pisa with a specific section, mix a series of urban portraits of towers Italian and worldwide, both from the past and from our contemporary times, alongside towers of totalitarian regimes and fantasy towers.

What emerges in Tchoban's drawings, divided into six sections in the exhibition, is the pleasure of mixing, precisely in the typology of the tower, the real and the imagined, in order to portray urban landscapes that offer scenes that are the result of reflection capable of making the fantastic as vivid as the tangible.

In this vectorality we can assume the collection of drawings of the towers on display, or rather the 'drawing of the tower', as the main tool that allows Tchoban to translate and represent his historical reflections in a pictorial key and figurative, planning and symbolic, on the value and meaning of the vertical building.

An architectural object that the era of globalization has transformed into a challenge for architects all over the world.