The Il Resto dell'Alba exhibition, specially designed for the MAN in Nuoro (open until 3 March 2024), was born from a series of meetings and comparisons: between people, between disciplines, between matter and digital technology

The origin of the work Il Resto dell'Alba, explains the curator and museographer Maddalena d'Alfonso, is a 'trialeptic' between three different figures and disciplines who brought individual skills into play in favor of a common and, indeed, interdisciplinary reflection.

The generative opportunity was the participation in the competition for the opening of the new wing of the Museo del Novecento in Milan and the joint choice by Maddalena d'Alfonso and the architect Giovanni de Niederhäusern, vice president of Pininfarina Architecture, to work with Patrick Tuttofuoco: “We were interested in creating a space that would welcome the theme of the passage of time, the past and the future - says the artist - and that would help us reflect on what environment to imagine tomorrow taking into account what has happened up to now.”

The dialogue between art and architecture continues at the MAN in Nuoro

The art museum of the province of Nuoro has dedicated 2023 to the relationship between Art and Architecture and the reflection begun by Maddalena d'Alfonso, Pininfarina Architecture and Patrick Tuttofuoco has found here is its ideal location.

Il Resto dell'Alba, therefore, sees the light concretely as a site specific work for the MAN, but its theoretical and planning nature makes possible future placements possible somewhere else.

“It was not a puzzle in which everyone did their part and found the right fit - agree the curator and the authors of the work - but a deeply articulated form of shared research”.

The Rest of Dawn: let's discover it step by step

When you enter the room that hosts Il Resto dell'Alba you have the possibility to choose between two horizons: the past on the left, the future on the right. The total time, what has been and what we can imagine will be, is physically represented by an enveloping structure of organic shape, designed with parametric design tools of the generative type and made of aluminum cut with the mesh clustering technique, to optimize the use of the material, numerical control production and assembly dry.

The walls of the room, therefore, lose the orthogonal shape to which we are accustomed and develop in three dimensions, offering dunes, curves, craters within which to let the gaze and imagination flow.

At the center of the area dedicated to the past stands a glass showcase which protects three small bronze votive figures from the Nuragic era (dating back to around 3,000 years ago): two of these are female figures, in particular in the center is that of the offerer, characterized by the cloak and the heart held in the hand facing the observer.

The past, therefore, is as if it were turning its heart towards the future, represented, at the opposite end of the room, by Tuttofuoco's work, a doubled sun made with 40 golden neon tubes and hand-painted in different shades, one from the other, to create the unique effect of the rising sun and its magical gradients of light.

“The dawn is a minimal portion of time - says Patrick Tuttofuoco - which represents change and transfigures for a moment what its light reaches.

My sun is a suggestion aimed at everyone: we know we live on a suffering planet, but we can try to imagine new solutions. The dystopian proposals that are often proposed to us by fiction are probably engaging, but not useful for creating real change, all together. Continuing to think about what the end will be... doesn't help anyone."

About Pininfarina, automotive and art

If reading or hearing about the exhibition, it may arise spontaneously to ask yourself where to look for the connection between the world of automotive and that of art, it is only by physically walking through the room and letting yourself be attract, or repel, from the solids and voids of the ceiling and walls that the answer is found.

The sinuous metal structure was created according to the principles that guide the design of cars: the lines are as contemporary as possible, the signs appear and disappear, the project is born totally digital and then immersed in reality : “for us it is important to test the digital world and then bring it into reality - explains architect Marco Caprani of Pininfarina Architecture - this allows us to eliminate dysfunctions and choose the solution with the least impact from an environmental point of view.

It is a thin membrane that divides digital and real, we have experienced it here, but it is an attitude that we consider essential today in the world of real architectural design: it is no longer sustainable to design as the ancient Egyptians did."

MAN's proposal for the winter season

The exhibitionIl Resto dell'Alba, located on the third floor of the MAN, in the center of the city of Nuoro, is one of the four that inaugurated the winter season of the museum directed by Chiara Cats: all can be visited until 3 March 2024.

On the same floor is “Giotto - Fontana. The golden space. Dialogue between two masterpieces”, on the second floor “Christian Chironi. Living is a language", solo exhibition by a contemporary artist originally from Nuoro and on the lower floors "Fancello Nivola Pintori - three Sardinian masters at the ISIA in Monza" homage to the figures of three Sardinian artists who studied at the ISIA in the same years and then took completely different destinies.