A selection of 16 events in Europe and Italy to visit throughout the new year, season after season

Europe is the protagonist of this reasoned calendar of exhibitions for 2024, in an itinerary between Italy and the other European states, to be planned over the four seasons. At the centre, planning in all its forms, from art to architecture, passing through fashion.


AALTO - Aina Alvar Elissa- The dimension of the project, MAXXI, Rome, 14/12/23 - 26/5/24

«True architecture exists only when it places the human being at the centre» Alvar Aalto said in 1958 and an exhibition on the design of the Finnish architect who designs together with the wife buildings but also furnishing elements that have made history.

If objects have inhabited (and continue to inhabit) houses all over the world for their simple beauty (and low cost), buildings present a very interesting dialogue in their relationship with nature. 11 projects in an experimental setup tell the story of Aalto's world.

Who will like it: Nordic design lovers and Aalto fans.

Useful information: Fondazione Maxxi, via G. Reni 4/A Rom, open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 7pm

Utopies d'Architectes - 5 remarquable sites in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Musée Urbain Tony Garnier< /a>, Lyon, until 2/3/24

The utopias of the architects in five important sites in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are those of Tony Garnier, Môrice Leroux, Le Corbusier and Jean Renaudie. From 1921 to 1933, Tony Garnier developed his humanist and hygienist vision of healthy housing around the Boulevard des États-Unis, at the same time renewing production processes and the diffusion of new building materials.

At the beginning of the 1930s, in Villeurbanne, another builder, Môrice Leroux, adopted the shape of skyscrapers and their steel structure to build a new city center well before the Americanization of Western societies.

Between 1953 and 1961, at the invitation of a daring mayor, Le Corbusier built some elements of what he considered a 'radiant city' in Firminy and, 80 km away, in Éveux-sur- l'Arbresle, builds the convent of La Tourette, a successful model of sacred architecture and modernity. Finally, in Givors, starting from 1974, Jean Renaudie created a series of blocks of council houses with disturbing shapes - the Étoiles - on the hillside in the center of the city, just as he had done to renovate the center of Ivry-sur-Seine.

All these 'realized utopias' are combined in this exhibition with numerous documents on the diversity of housing styles imagined by these architects and by some contemporary works to provide ideas for reflection on the utopia strong>.

Who will like it: those who think that utopia and urban planning travel together and those who believe in the opposite.

Useful information: Musée urbain Tony Garnier, rue des Serpollières 4, open from Tuesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm.

Chiara Camoni, Hangar Bicocca, Milan from 15/2 to 21/7

The artistic investigation of Chiara Camoni starts from the garden and in a journey along the Renaissance Italian gardens and the ancient amphitheatres she proposes architecture of the community between nature and craftsmanship.

Not without forgetting ritual and a link with ancestral and archaic worlds that tell of doing and the spiritual, two decidedly human elements. Herbs, berries and flowers, but also different types of clay and ash determine the distinctive natural shades of his works and recall the earth and vegetation that the artist collects and inserts into his sculptures, in the largest exhibition ever dedicated to the artist so far Piacenza.

Who will like it: Who is interested in alchemy, landscape and gardens.

Useful information: Pirelli Hangar Bicocca, via Chiese 2, Milan, open from Thursday to Sunday 10.30am - 8.30pm.

The Architecture Drawing Prize, Sir John Soane's Museum, London, from 31/1 /24 to 3/3/24

Now in its seventh edition, the Architecture Drawing Prize selects the best works in three categories: hand drawing, digital and hybrid. This year the participation was very high with 250 drawings from all over the world and, as usual, the most crowded section was the hand drawing one.

The winning designs were exhibited at the World Architecture Festival in Singapore (29 November - 1 December 2023), while the London museum will host both the winners and those selected in an exhibition which will also celebrate the announcement of the winner absolute.

Who will like it: those who love architectural design and invention.

Useful information: Sir John Soane's Museum, 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, open Wednesday to Sunday 10am - 5pm.


Transform! Designing the Future of Energy, Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, from 23/3 /24 to 1/9/24

Energy is the force that keeps our society going. However, buildings, infrastructures and devices for the generation, distribution and use of energy are products of design, and design has a central role in the transformation of the energy system.

This exhibition focuses precisely on the current relevance of this theme, from devices for collecting renewable energy to solar buildings and wind turbines, from intelligent mobility to self-sufficient cities.

We talk about the thirst for energy at a global level and the need to reduce our consumption, starting from the actions that industry and politics must undertake, up to everyone's contribution.

Who will like it: those who believe that design can change the future, those who love the planet.

Useful information: Vitra Design Museum, Charles-Eames-Str. 2, D-79576 Weil am Rhein, open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Bruno Munari, Magnani Rocca Foundation, Mamiano di Traversetolo - Parma, from 16/ 3/24 to 6/30/24

The 'inventor' Munari is the protagonist of this exhibition which aims to restore to the Italian public the work of a brilliant artist-designer-philosopher. A true wizard of invention and critical reflection on his time, which he was able to interpret through now iconic objects, still cutting-edge teaching and a decidedly current artistic proposal.

This time, special attention is paid to the younger public, to whom an all-round exhibition is dedicated to learn about and understand the Munari method >'.

There are six sections, which tell of that transversal way of thinking that has characterized the entire production of the Milanese designer and creative.

Who will like it: enthusiasts of Munari thought and those who love the classics.

Useful information: Fondazione Magnani Rocca, Mamiano di Traversetolo, via Fondazione Magnani-Rocca, 4, Parma open from Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10am to 7pm.

I am a Dragon. The true story of Alessandro Mendini, Triennale, Milan, from 13/4/24 to 13/10 /24

Why is Alessandro Mendini a dragon? The statement that gives life to the title of the exhibition is one of the most emblematic of the work of the Italian designer-architect and artist.

Mendini who had used it in relation to a self-portrait of him to unequivocally clarify the uniqueness of his figure in the field of design: a real dragon, in fact. And in this exhibition his vision is told.

Created in collaboration with Alessandro Mendini Archive, it brings together works of different formats, materials and subjects from numerous public and private collections from all over the world.

Who will like it: those who want to discover more about an important figure in the history of Italian design.

Inga Sempé. The imperfect house, Triennale, Milan, from April to September

In the same period, the Triennale also hosts an exhibition dedicated to the histrionic Inga Sempé who has had long-standing relationships with Italy. This time we talk about the recent work of the French designer, with an exhibition of projects, objects, drawings in a domestic scenario that she designed herself together with Studio A/C. A scale house that aims to convey to the visitor the curious mechanics and colorful functionality of Sempé's design.

Who will like it: who wants to reflect on living.

Useful information: Triennale, viale Alemagna 6, Milan, open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 8pm.

HARD/SOFT Textiles and Ceramics in Contemporary Art, MAK, Vienna , until 5/20/24

Although at first glance they seem very different, fabrics and ceramics have a lot in common. They share the same aesthetic language that oscillates between hard, bulky, soft and fluid. In fact, layered and sculptural fabrics can be associated with warmth and flexibility, offering a stark contrast to the cold fragility of ceramics made from soft clay or soil.

This interaction is at the center of the exhibition through the works of 40 international artists. Present in every culture, textiles and ceramics are closely linked to applied art and symbolize community, but also, in this exhibition, social policies and feminist ideas.

These hybrid made objects have become intertwined with economic and political systems, making them almost ideal media for exploring themes related to cultural appropriation, post-colonialism, and gender.

Who will like it: the most curious, those who believe in art as a form of global communication.

Useful information: MAK Museum of Applied Arts, Stubenring 5, Vienna, open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm, on Tuesdays until 9pm.


Barbie. The exhibition, London Design Museum, London from 5/7/24 to 23/2/25/ 24

To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Barbie brand, the London design museum tells the world of the most famous doll in the world in this exhibition, born from a new collaboration with strong>Mattel. Which has opened its archives and for the first time is exhibiting rare and unique objects to the public, along with loans and other acquisitions, essential to truly telling the story of the iconic brand.

Naturally, it begins in 1959 when Ruth Handler gave life to Barbie and continues until today. But this time the story is told through the lens of design: fashion, architecture, furniture and vehicles are the heart of the exhibition.

Who will like it: Those who love the worlds of dolls and those who are fascinated by the design of the toy.

Useful information: Design Museum, 224–238 Kensington High Street London, open Monday to Thursday 10am - 5pm; from Friday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm and on Saturdays until 9pm.

Gae Aulenti, Triennale, Milan from May to October

The dates of this exhibition, the first true retrospective dedicated to Gae Aulenti, have not yet been precisely defined. Certainly in the summer months it will still be possible to visit this fundamental exhibition to learn about the over sixty-year career of the multifaceted designer.

There are numerous areas to investigate her: from urban-scale drawing to exhibition design, from landscape architecture to interior design, from furniture design to graphics and theatrical scenography.

The exhibition itinerary aims to be a sort of interpretative essay, made up of a sequence of environments or fragments of environments, rendered in 1:1 size, thanks to the original materials preserved in the architect's Milanese archive (drawings, photographs, maquettes), of which a very select sampling will also be present in the exhibition.

Who will like it: those who love architecture and the stories it can tell about spaces, places and times

Useful information: Triennale, viale Alemagna 6, Milan, open from Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 8pm.

New Nordic Cuisine and Aesthetics, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, from 5/31/24 to 9/8/24

By the time this exhibition opens, twenty years will have passed since a dozen chefs from across the Nordic region signed the manifesto "A New Nordic Cuisine".

It was a revolutionary moment that opened an important window onto a world that until then had certainly not been considered for its culinary delicacies. But that movement also did something else: it created a holistic aesthetic, in which craftsmanship, design and architecture played an important role in the preparation of meals capable of reflecting the time and place in which they were born and offered.

The exhibition presents a historical review of the movement between interiors, design objects, architecture, art and, last but not least, smell and taste.

Who will like it: those who love crossovers between art and design and gourmets.

Useful information: The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Pb. 7014 St. Olavs plass N-0130, Oslo, open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-5pm; Tuesday and Wednesday until 8pm.

Anselm Kiefer. Fallen Angels, Palazzo Strozzi, Florence, from 22/3/24 to 28/7/ 24

Newly produced works alongside a body of highly symbolic works arrive at Palazzo Strozzi to present a dialogue between the original author, Ansel Kiefer and Renaissance architecture. Each of Kiefer's artistic productions expresses the refusal of limits, in the monumentality and power of materiality, but above all in the infinite wealth of resources with which he probes the depths of memory and the past.

In his works history, myth, religion, mysticism, poetry, philosophy are united and confused and the exhibition itinerary of this new exhibition promises a journey into the vital complexity of Kiefer's art.

Who will like it: Those who love getting lost (or traveling?) through fantastic worlds

Useful information: Palazzo Strozzi, Piazza Strozzi, Florence, open every day from 1am to 8pm, Thursdays until 11pm.


The World of Tim Burton, London Design Museum, London, from 25/10/24 to 4/21/25

To enter the world of Tim Burton it is not enough to have seen his films. Of course, on the big screen his creative flair gave voice to a particular imagery of the comic grotesque, in a deep investigation of the human psyche. But it is all of his artistic production that truly tells of his aesthetic universe.

This exhibition showcases the entire output of the illustrator, painter, photographer and author, as well as exploring some of the key collaborations that helped shape his vision of his world.

Drawing from Tim Burton's personal archive and representing the artist's creative output from childhood to the present, this exhibition of drawings, paintings, photographs, sketchbooks, props, sculptural installations, storyboards and production design focuses on the recurring themes and visual motifs found in Burton's characters and films.

The exhibition is curated by Jenny He, an independent curator, in collaboration with Tim Burton.

Who will like it: lovers of Burton's films, those who investigate the human soul.

Useful information: Design Museum, 224–238 Kensington High Street London, open Monday to Thursday 10am - 5pm; from Friday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm and on Saturdays until 9pm.

Hanne Friis. Contemporary Craft, MK&G Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, from 27 /11 to 4/27/25

As part of the series of exhibitions gathered under the theme "Contemporary Craft", the museum presents the first solo exhibition of the Norwegian textile artist Hanne Friis in Germany. Friis's work is very interesting starting from her technique: through her fabric works she redefines the concept of sculpture.

The artist shapes and folds the fabric by hand, finishing the pieces with nylon thread stitching. She uses latex, rubber, plastic, nylon, silk, velvet and Gore-Tex, to create works that appear to grow from the wall and floor like living organisms, often changing shape over time. The choice of colors then completes the work, between the organic, the recyclable and the mysterious.

Who will like it: those who want to discover new artists.

Useful information: Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Steintorplatz 20099 Hamburg, open from Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 6pm.

Among The Invisible Joins. The Enea Righi collection, Museion Bolzano, from 28/9/24 to 2/3/25

Enea Righi is one of the largest collectors of contemporary art in Italy. Her interest is particularly aimed at transdisciplinary and diversified works between figurative art, graphics and artists' books which have been able to combine artistic and aesthetic research with sociopolitical commitment and activist urgency.

In 2008, Righi entrusted 100 works from her collection to Museion as a permanent loan which was then enriched with new works. After the first exhibition in 2010, the one on the 24th will be very rich and in-depth, set up with the aim of underlining the multidisciplinary nature of the collector's research.

Who will like it: those who believe in free and borderless art

Useful information: Museion, Piazza Piero Siena 1, Bolzano, is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm; Thursday open until 10pm.

Beyond Bodies, The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo, winter

A new frontier of emerging Nordic fashion is pushing the boundaries of fashion design conventions. In the form of an installation, "Beyond Bodies" presents four Nordic designers whose work sits at the intersection of fashion, craftsmanship and art.

The exhibition is the result of the collaboration between theNational Museum and ALPHA, a Nordic platform for emerging designers. The dates will be established during 2024.

Who will like it: fashion designers and style enthusiasts

Useful information: The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Pb. 7014 St. Olavs plass N-0130, Oslo, open Tuesday to Sunday 10am-5pm; Tuesday and Wednesday until 8pm

Cover photo: Credits Juergen Teller Personal