From January 24th to March 18th, the Gagosian in Paris hosts a solo show by Marc Newson: a series of pieces created in the name of pushed experimentation, but even more relevant because it is not screamed

The new creations by Marc Newson, on display at the Gagosian in , seem to come partly from water and partly from science fiction Paris (from January 24th to March 18th 2023).

Liquid shapes, transparencies and shades that immediately bring you back to the marine world and at the same time to the spatial one.

This cocktail, which mixes blue backdrops and the cinematic imagery of masterpieces such as 2001 A Space Odyssey , is told from January 25 in a fascinating exhibition set up in the spaces of the Gagosian Gallery in Paris.

Marc Newson: tradition as the most innovative thing in the world

In rue de Castiglione there is a sort of compendium of Newson's universe, dominated by innovation and experimentation.

A stone's throw from the Tuileries gardens, the Australian designer presents furnishing accessories in which he combines the past and the future, classic materials and advanced manufacturing technologies.

It plays on the thread of contrasts and a common line is found in the assumption that sees tradition as the most innovative thing in the world.

From cloisonné enamel, used by the Egyptians, to new tech

The thesis in question is supported by projects such as the Cloisonné White and Blue Lounge and Cloisonné White and Blue Chair, both created in 2022, where the designer chooses the textures of copper and then colors over it his classic molecular motifs 'orgone' choosing white and above all blue.

Everything is made thanks to the ancient enamel cloisonné technique, used since the ancient Egyptians to make small decorative objects.

In the case of the seats, on the other hand, these are large dimensions. A challenge within the challenge that Newson has accepted by devising new production methods. To give substance to his creations, he prompted the Chinese craftsmen to apply cloisons, or copper wire partitions, to the various objects, inlaying the enamel in the defined designs and then cooking the various pieces up to twelve times inside large ovens.

Push technology further

“Design - explained Newson - must always tend towards the improvement of things , pushing technology further forward. His must be a look towards the future”.

And this is exactly what happens for the fused glass Blue Glass Chair, from 2017, where the artist pushes the technique one step further.

Composed of quarters of a sphere, the chair that seems to come out of the film Dark Star by John Carpenter (one of the sources of inspiration of Newson's entire work) has its upper half resting on the symmetrical lower half which is not colored but capable of absorbing and reflecting blue and light blue nuances, just like marine ones.

Instead, it comes from a single piece of Azul Macaubas, a stone from Macaubas in the state of Bahia, Extruded Ribbon Console (2022).

The console-sculpture is conceived with a flat curvilinear shape drawn in three dimensions. It is a piece, so to speak 'dynamic', which once again unites the past and the future. The seat is classic, the technique for making it very modern.

"As a designer, it's a great opportunity to improve what's already out there - he said - My goal is always to simplify, beautify and evolve technologically".