In Milan, until May 8, the exhibition This must be the place contaminates Composit's commercial space and reflects on domestic living through the works of 9 artists

Nine artists and a completely unusual exhibition environment: this is the starting line from which the collective exhibition This must be the place took shape, until May 8, 2022 on display at COMPOSIT Flagship Store with the acuratela of Edoardo De Cobelli and Sara Van Bussel.

Starting from an aseptic, commercial context and usually intended for the sale of material objects, the artists experimented with intertwining and unusual contaminations which aim to bring out reflections (and reflections) of everyday life in a space completely reinvented.

Space as a canvas

The protagonist of the whole project, in addition to the works, is the space itself: the artists have in fact ventured into a choral reinterpretation of the context. In some cases distorted, in others simply used as a starting point to highlight some aspects, the exhibition space has been transformed from commercial to a blank canvas in which to bring the expressive language of art. The focal subjects usually central to the activity for which it is used, such as taps, hobs, lamps and walls, have become means of expression.

Intrusion and new functions

With This must be the place the Milanese Flagship store of Composit is completely reinterpreted: on the upper floor, the surfaces, together with everything that connotes their commercial soul, they are found to host unexpected shapes, colors and materials, which however always speak of domestic life. An example of this is the proposed work of Lorenzo Lunghi, who starting from caramel, adding ibuprofen and domestic medicines, creates a series of 3 sculptures in symbiosis with the lamps that illuminate the kitchen.

The lower floor, on the other hand, has been transformed into a environmental installation that involves the senses: the visitor is catapulted into a mix of colors, smells and sounds that transform the space into an immersive experience. The soundtrack of Daniele di Girolamo entitled Submerged reaction to a cargo ship that brings glow accompanies the descent of the stairs, heralding the high rate of involvement that awaits the passage of the environment, while a hint of lime also makes the sense of smell an accomplice.

The works

At the entrance it is immediate to notice Gray Matter by Matteo Pizzolante, located in the center of the main floor: an inclined column characterized by a evident hole in the plasterboard, through which it is possible to observe the video of the reconstruction of a 3D explosion inside a fictitious architecture. Also on the first floor there is Duna by Antonio Gramegna, which looks like a large seat with curved shapes, while Luca Poncetta hangs, with a harpoon, a soap sculpture that resembles a collection of harmonic bone shapes.

The work of Giacomo Giannantonio , the youngest artist of the exhibition (born in 1998), presents a contemporary still life with kistch features, with red glasses on a background of marshmellow and chips fried. An organic theme is also the intervention of Marina Cavadini who distributes a series of ephemeral writings in caramel on the hob, starting from the concept of overexcitation daily, summarized in the training equipment brand Excite, which gives the title to the work, and by Lorenzo Lunghi (cited above).

To complete the installation of the lower floor, then, a blown glass diffuser, the work of Lucia Cristiano Where everything remains, recreates the scent of a famous tree-lined avenue of Sarajevo particularly dear to the artist.

Finally, distributed on a horizontal plane, the Masks series by Francesco Pacelli, 40 soap bars, also perfumed, which reflect what is considered be the first image in history: a stone found in a cave of man's ancestor, the australopithecus, 3 million years ago.