International artists, designers and stylists have tried their hand at creating works of art with the subject of flowers. On display from 21 to 31 October 2021 in the Jesuit Atrium at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan

Flowers. It's quick to say flowers… Reproduce them artistically, portray them if we want. There is nothing more complex than representing a flower, it is a profound responsibility. Beautiful, elegant, fragrant, colorful ... fragile. Like humanity, like people. Even more so if with disabilities: delicate, in need of care and attention. Just like flowers.

Sacra Famiglia Foundation has involved internationally renowned artists, designers and stylists, inviting them to create works of art that represent the floral universe: Antonio Marras, Emilio Isgrò, Fabio Novembre, Franko, Jacopo Etro, Kola Hamit, Marc Sadler, Michele De Lucchi, Mimmo Paladino, Rashid Karim, Stefano Boeri and many others. At the end of the exhibition, the 43 works will become lottery prizes with the aim of raising funds to support educational art and design courses aimed at children and minors welcomed in occupational therapy laboratories.

“Pistils, corollas, petals, stems, stigma, sepals, stamens, all strictly handmade. All done with extreme "non" precision. They don't express themselves but they want to express energies. They want to express a rarefied, symmetrical air, flying in the cosmos but astonished in the face of amazing natural phenomena. They belong to our fragility. They want to express a certain situation where the observer loses the precision of their shape in favor of the aura, of their inconsistency ", explains Alessandro Guerriero, curator of the exhibition. “Up close they are polychrome and sometimes even reflective. Some yellow, black, orange, gold, with informal surfaces or with geometric squares or with punctate marks. Some of them are a mandala… maybe more than one. Others seem to be done under hypnosis…. These flowers will be like pure exercises, they take place under our mental fixity, they develop circular ideas, they are a kind of waste of the times and places of our memory, rhythmic and repetitive. They are a monotonous act of dedication to the unknown, a collection of gestures, a collection of thoughts of infinite memories and fragments. All our flowers, all our signs, all our brushstrokes will be part of an anonymous crowd of more or less significant objects. The motivation of the painting does not lie in its efficiency, its reality consists entirely in the care with which it is elaborated, in the poetry it contains. "

Lottery tickets are available for purchase from 10 September by contacting the Holy Family Foundation on 3392877481 or by clicking here. The extraction of the tickets will be held on November 3 at the headquarters of Sacra Famiglia Foundation in Cesano Boscone and will be live on Facebook. Mediolanum Onlus Foundation and Vittorio Polli and Anna Maria Stoppani MMIX Foundation will double the donations collected on the occasion of the event with the aim of helping more minors.

The exhibition is curated by Alessandro Guerriero and Alessandra Zucchi with the contribution of the Tam Tam Association and created with the contribution of the Mediolanum Onlus Foundation and the Vittorio Polli and Anna Maria Stoppani MMIX Foundation. Technical partner for the Ratti Flora set-up.

Pinacoteca di Brera - Atrio dei Gesuiti - Via Brera, 28 - Milan - Free admission Hours: 8.30-19.15; Thursday 8.30-22.00.