Fondazione Aldo Morelatohas announced the winners of the competition that takes its stimulus this year from the need to make the office a more welcoming place, but at the same time more rational, applying furnishing solutions for comfort of seating and desktops, as well as elements that add personality and good looks. The Premio Fondazione Aldo Morelato – Progetto Operawas awarded ex-aequo to: Balocco (shelving components) by Giuseppe Di Serafino, a project composed of open modular structures that can be assembled to form multiple solutions for workspaces, and Giano by Rocco De Gennaro and Andrea Favoni, a table that lends itself to two different uses: a classic desk with clean, essential lines, or a display for two-dimensional objects, thanks to rotating trestles that permit positioning of the top as a vertical surface. Honorable mentions went to the works Plie by Claudia Cordaro and Arcangelo Alessio Solloand Co.Ala by Valentina Bottaccini, Alessia Binelli and Nadia Turazza. The Premio Scuola Appia Spagnolowas assigned to the project Yina a Yan by Giorgio Meneghello and Gloria Strobbe, students at the Istituto Superiore Architettura InterniCastiglioni, who made a completely foldable table divided into two opposing complementary sections, to guarantee independent work but also communication between workers. The jury also assigned an Honorable mention for spaces of interpersonal relations to the Black & Front system by Maria Bonato and Gianluca Turcato, also students at the Istituto Superiore Architettura InterniCastiglioni, for its essential design and simple construction.