Galleria M&D Arte 8 (via Monsignor Cazzaniga, 43) presents a solo show by Silva Cavalli Felci (Bellinzona, 1935). The artist presents a series of recent works – made with polyurethane foam, mirrors and stainless steel – whose three-dimensional linear qualities sum up a creative path that began in the 1970s and continues to evolve today. The early Pastels, influenced by the experiences of Informal Art, French Tâchisme and Action Painting, are joined by Collages and Weaves, preludes to the multimateric works, of increasing complexity, in which the artist abandons paint in favor of materials like wood, bark, ash, sand, tar, fire. In recent years Felci’s research has moved toward a meticulous operation of purification of matter, producing primordial, elementary, totemic forms. Modern fetishes in which waves and cuts are opened, to accentuate the dimensional and symbolic aspects of her poetics; a harmonious play of full and empty zones, positives and negatives, in which the surrounding space is conceptualized as a reality inside and outside the work.