Entrepreneur, woman, artist, she has overturned the concept of metalworking by combining it with worlds that are only apparently distant from each other. She recently opened ‘Fanny Art’ in Arona, a concept store where chips give life to new creative forms

‘And mechanics will meet fashion, art and desire, but first of all it will meet your heart, transforming it into a passionate vortex of wandering shavings or simply into the shiniest of steels...’, is Silvia Fanny's manifesto.

A hot chip...

From Turin, Italy, she has always been attracted by art, sport, cinema, dance and writing. In 1991, during a visit to a mechanical construction company, Silvia Fanny wanders curiously among the mechanical ‘monsters’ that populate it when a boiling hot chip, whirling around, lands on her hand leaving an indelible mark. At that moment, a profound passion for swarf is born in her, so much so that she studies the exact fraction of a second in which that very small, often curled strip becomes such, detaching itself and coming to life.

Tilting, matching, mixing, creating

If the swarf represents the underlying inspiration, it is in the working of metal that Silvia Fanny finds herself: an analytical, logical and mathematical part like the detail worked on the drawing, and a creative, unpredictable, sharp and cutting part like the swarf. A passionate swirl of shavings stirs in the artist, giving rise to new creative forms that inspire her to realise her unpredictable art form: an idea, a work, a phrase, a project, a new creation.

The new Fanny Art concept store

Today, Silvia Fanny inaugurates her first ‘Fanny Artconcept store, a project with international ambitions whose starting point is Arona on the shores of Lake Maggiore. Instinct and creativity for an ever-evolving world, which moves with ease from home design to fashion, to unique and exclusive works of art: the chip returns and represents the underlying inspiration of each creation and metalwork its philosophy: sharp, cutting and poignant.

Beauty, philosophy and functionality

Art, culture, vision and perception are the fundamental elements present in four projects recently presented by Silvia Fanny: Heart, Tennis, Octopus and Sun, as a single representation or mixed together. The new concept store aims to open up to a broader public where beauty and philosophy merge with functionality.

Mastery and craftsmanship

At 107 Corso Cavour, Silvia Fanny's concept store welcomes art lovers and design enthusiasts in search of unique pieces. A unique and precious vision, for those who love objects born of the craftsmanship and excellence of Made in Italy.