The solo show dedicated to the Italian designer celebrates form as an inspirer of emotions through his drawings. To be seen at the Pianca & Partners space in Milan until 30 July

Orme is the solo show dedicated to Simone Bonanni which opens on May 18th (until July 30th). The second in a series of exhibitions hosted at the Milanese space Pianca & Partners, the exhibition coincides with the first five years of the career of the 31-year-old designer graduated from the IED Istituto Europeo di Design (Milan) and trained in the Dutch studio of Marcel Wanders, who already active collaborations with brands such as Alessi, Moooi, MDF Italia, Fiam, Falper, Mingardo and many others. The space of a luster represented in a series of large-format drawings intended as grooves, traits traced by the comings and goings between thoughts and memories.

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Orme it is first of all a collection of emotions, through 10 mixed-technique representations, accompanied by evocative objects and writings treated as Haiku, the short poems of the Japanese tradition, curated by the architect Massimo De Conti. It is the graphic visualization as spontaneous as it is free of patterns of an inner search, in which what matters most is the sphere of perception.

“What surprises about Simone Bonanni is his intimate poetic imagery. These drawings are nothing more than the transposition of previous thoughts, feelings, experiences; the genesis, often irrational and unconscious, sometimes even an end in itself, of those that will evolve into forms of design, says the curator De Conti.

Like the research on the typical mosaics of the Friulian area between Spilimbergo and Udine, the designer's homeland, shown on a plate made with the mosaic artisans Carraro Chabarik; the memory of a family embrace that is found in the enveloping shape of an armchair, the memory of a childhood game is realized instead in a terracotta coffee table (both designed for Moooi), and so on, with this modus operandi that becomes practice.

Watercolors, pantones, pencils, graphics become, curves, shades, matter aiming to arouse a precise sensation, while allowing it to mature in the interpretation of the beholder. An uncalculated process in which the form is direct - almost mere - consequence. “Designing has to do first of all with understanding and listening, says Bonanni, who teaches Product Design to the students of the three-year course and of the master at the IED Istituto Europeo di Design.

On the occasion of the solo show, his new night collection designed for Pianca is presented, consisting of a bed and chest of drawers. The Domenica bed is an invitation to idleness, to a material embrace in which a single continuous line gives rise to an organic and sinuous silhouette, while the Kyoto accessories enclose the drawers and the top with the tray within a rigorous frame. giving rise to a private niche.

“Over time, I shifted the focus of my work from the technical design of the object to the design of the emotion that this can arouse, explains Bonanni. This is why Orme is a path that must be looked at by the visitor in an absolutely subjective way.