A sweater with reindeer? Some gloves, a perfume? No, the highest Christmas present in Italy is not an object but an experience – lashing and exciting – that takes you to the top of Mont Blanc

What better time than Christmas to give and treat yourself to an unforgettable experience in the snow-capped mountains, in the highest point of Italy?

The futuristic cableway Skyway Monte Bianco, a jewel of technology and engineering, which leads to the top of Mont Blanc from Courmayeur, in Valle d'Aosta, turns into an special Alpine gift, able to bring (for the moment packaged) the excited, candid and whipping sensations of high altitude under the tree.

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The three proposals to give at Christmas

  • Higher Experience (return ticket to Punta Helbronner) is designed for those who want to give or give themselves a shred of freedom, spirituality and greatness, the solemn one of the mountains.
  • Food Experience (return ticket to Punta Helbronner and an alpine lunch) for those for whom food is not only energy for the body, but nourishment for the soul.
  • Romantic Experience (two return tickets to Punta Helbronner and two Alpine aperitifs) is an experience to be shared, in ascetic complicity.

The green side makes the gift virtuous

Skyway Monte Bianco is also synonymous with sustainability, understood as a concrete commitment toprotecting the environment, in particular the glaciers, through initiatives such as strong>Save The Glacier. Furthermore, the proceeds from the products of the Green Star line will be invested in new projects aimed at protecting the nature in which the area is immersed.

Another unexpected (sustainable) gift? Adopting an alpine cherry tree

You can also adopt an alpine cherry tree that will bear the name of the gift recipient. In this way, an initiative aimed at repopulating the hill adjacent to the departure point of the cable car is supported.

How to buy Alpine gifts

Skyway Monte Bianco gifts for Christmas 2022 can be purchased on the site www.montebianco.com in the section Buy and Book - Gift Ideas. They are also available in a paper version, contained within a contemporary object in the shape of a cable car to be assembled, designed by the Matteo Ragni studio.

Paper Gift Boxes are on sale at the shops at Skyway Monte Bianco, at the Marché Vert de Noël in Aosta and at the new pop -up temporary store in the commercial space Il Centro, in Arese.