Curated by the Thought Council of Fondazione Prada composed of Shumon Basar, Cédric Libert, Elvira Dyangani Ose and Dieter Roelstraete, Slight Agitation continues with a second phase created by Pamela Rosenkranz. The work follows that of Tobias Putrih, while Laura Lima and Gelitin, the Austrian group active since 1993, will do the next two installations.

Pamela Rosenkranz explores the ways physical and biological processes influence art. Her new installation, entitled Infection, is based on the action of a parasite on a neurological level, effecting about 30% of the world population.

An imposing mountain of sand has been made in the vast spaces of the Cistern, creating a face-off with its industrial architecture. The natural material is scented with a fragrance obtained from cat pheromones recreated in the laboratory, capable of triggering specific reactions of attraction and repulsion on a biological level.

Green RGB light descends from above on this enormous chemically altered mass, making the scent slowly evaporate.