Wood Rules is a series of design installations to interpret the intrinsic characteristics of wood. Inside, a project by Studio Modulo, is the installation that displays the ductility of certain wood species, until 19 September at the Slow Wood showroom on Foro Bonaparte in Milan.

To narrate a small part of what can be done with wood, Wood Rules is a series of installations hosted by Slow Wood and created by young interior design studios, to interpret the main characteristics of wood in spatial displays capable of interacting with visitors. Thanks to the multiple intrinsic characteristics of wood, the translation of a practical, technical concept can become an installation.

In this first appointment the knowledge of Slow Wood is interpreted by the interior design of Studio Modulo, leading to the work Inside. Inside is a forest, a critical mass made by using the ductility of wood, the capacity to be made into thin threads. The results narrate a story: a space occupied by strips of wood, a regular grid with differentiation of thickness, length and types of wood.

From maple to wenge, the colors, aromas and sizes change. Viewers can choose to simply observe or to enter the installation to have the experience of a conceptual forest, made inside a room in the center of Milan.

Inside is to be seen, lived, thought, connecting all the choices, like segments of the same narrative, to represent the characteristics of wood, natural by definition, an instinctive choice as a material for projects on all scales. The species utilized: Cherry (IT), Chestnut (IT), Wenge (Central Africa), Bubinga (Central Africa), Maple (IT).