From the start of the year, the Vicenza-based marble producer has undertaken a wide-ranging program of investment in training, in Italy and abroad. After the technical conferences in Rome and London, which will continue in the English capital and in Milan in the fall, Margraf has now entered a partnership with the Istituto Superiore di Architettura d’Interni Pier Giacomo Castiglioni of Vicenza. The goal is to propose advanced and functional solutions for outdoor furnishings, through a summer workshop that will involve a group of students from the design school, joined by outstanding architects or designers. This stimulating project will develop in collaboration with Teraplast, a company that has operated for about 40 years in the sector of moulding of plastic materials. The training program of the workshops has the objective of production of concrete projects, inserted in the macro-environment of the ‘smart city,’ calling for reorganization of urban furnishings in ‘digital islands.’ Made in marble, a natural, eternal stone, with parts in plastic that can be replaced over time, the works will be conceived as true service area to offer innovative facilities for citizens, the public administration and companies.