Based on over 20 years of experience in the area of large contract furnishings, the Italian kitchen brand has won the bidding in Australia for a prestigious project, involving the installation of 140 kitchens in the Emporia residential complex, on Commercial Road Praharan, in the heart of Melbourne. The project, for Snaidero, represents just the first part of a much larger development, with over 500 kitchens, done in collaboration with the local distributor. A multi-residence project designed to attract young professionals who appreciate design Made in Italy and all the commercial services offered by the complex. Designed by Idle Architecture Centre with interiors by Carr Design, the 140 apartments make intelligent use of the luxurious spaces, full of light that makes them seem even larger. All the flats are furnished with a Snaidero kitchen from the Orange collection, with glass doors. This model has a young, fresh and extremely clean design.