A typical chalet in old Livigno, an Alpine atmosphere with decorative elements of snow.

A typical chalet in old Livigno, an Alpine atmosphere with decorative elements of snow: the fireplace, the cat, the carved headboard. As well as a suite for music, with a violin, a pianoforte, a score. All made of snow.

The suites will be unveiled for the reopening of the Mandira Spa at Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort, which has renovated and expanded its spaces.

Two sculptures to experience, spending unforgettable nights in a thermal sleeping bag, in spaces where the temperature hovers around zero degrees centigrade, while outside the mercury drops to -20°.

Guests can choose between the larger Snow Suite Livigno Design and the cozy Snow Suite Sound Design, with perfect acoustics.

Info and reservations: http://snowsuitelungolivigno.com/