An introductory Spanish term, Sobremesa is the postprandial idleness to which Ignasi Monreal dedicates hyper-realistic works. And Palazzo Monti in Brescia dedicates an exhibition to him, or rather, a table set, but crumpled, for a trompe-l'oeil effect

Nobody gets up from the table, except for urgent needs. That pause at the table between the last bites of dessert, the scraps of food encrusted on the plates, the crumpled napkins, the halved drinks and the mismatched cutlery. That lethargic yet stimulating pause at the table, to enjoy the less formal and more relaxing side of conviviality. This is the Sobremesa.

What is and who practices the Sombresa

Spanish term, as Spanish is Ignasi Monreal who celebrates it, Sombresa indicates the dolce far niente at the table after having eaten a meal. Term introducible in Italian, but ' art' appreciated and practiced by all Mediterranean peoples who have always praised postprandial idleness.

An invitation to stop. And laze around

Curated by Edoardo Monti, founder of the artistic project housed in the Brescia residence and open to visitors by appointment until September 17th by writing to, the one proposed to Palazzo Monti is an exhibition, a gastronomic and convivial installation, but also a pause for reflection: an invitation to stop and understand that it is not only important what we eat, but how we do it, also and above all after having finished.

Dishes (with leftovers) trompe-l'oeil effect

The impact is incisive and contrasting. At the center of the frescoed hall of the historic building stands a table set, but 'crumpled' and 'smeared'. A table returning from an evening whose traces are clearly visible, in the almost empty wine glasses while the overflowing ashtray. The plates and trays are surprising, replaced overnight by hyper-realistic reproductions. Works painted by Ignasi Monreal, on a scale of 1 to 1, which immortalize what remains of cheerful convivial banquets. On the walls, other works, other dishes and other foods create an amazing trompe-l'oeil effect.

The celebration of a rite

The setting up of Sombresa at Palazzo Monti is a celebration of life, food, meals and well-deserved rest. A sacred and pagan tribute to the primordial rite that we carry out three times a day, for our whole life, sometimes standing up in a hurry, sometimes in joy with friends, still others with a symbolic ceremonial. Those painted by Ignasi Monreal are 'dirty dishes' that make the superficial deep, the ephemeral eternal.