The intense and sophisticated photographic story by Gianluca Vassallo dedicated to a Milan of austere, layered and lively beauty is staged at the Living Divani Gallery in Milan

Milan interpreted by the gaze dense, architectural and at the same time everyday, of Gianluca Vassallo. And, in a game of references, his works that capture the gaze of the Milanese through the large windows of the Living Divani Gallery that make the space of Corso Monforte 20 a sort of creative, transparent and interdisciplinary container, open to the city.

Light inside and outside the Living Divani Gallery

From 8 April to 21 May 2022 the exhibition Soliloqui: Milano, composed of a photographic project and from a video installation by Gianluca Vassallo, - is on stage in all its perspective and sophisticated brightness - in the Milanese showroom of Living Divani, with an installation designed by Piero Lissoni, creative director of the brand, as well as designer of the space.

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Photographic story, video and design armchairs

A photographic presentation that does not end, but on the contrary finds its development in a video project: the Frog armchairs designed by Piero Lissoni for Living Divani become the means to complete Vassallo's story. The seats liven up; they are placed in different contexts around the city, and the story becomes fluid: passers-by interact with the product and the space, and the artist captures the moments, the actions and the emotions.

Milan indicates a way to the future and a way of feeling the past

The urban and human landscape coexist in Vassallo's story, giving back to the gaze of the observer the opportunity to touch the daily life of others, as if to smell the people, to listen to the speeches on time and deadlines, to perceive desires, memories and everything that distracts their eyes from the austere and layered beauty of an ever-maturing metropolis , which always indicates a way to the future and at the same time a way to feel the past.

From the South Sea to the rigor of Milan

“I remember as a boy, that Milan was already a woman” says Gianluca Vassallo. “And I remember feeling confused, with my southern body and Sardinian eyes, walking amid a rigour that kept me on alert and silent, fighting the cold, telling me anything but blue, the opposite of the sea, as in the shadow of certain poetry, in the light of certain shoulders, in a beauty that you feel, without understanding, just because it is not time. Thirty years have passed since then and Milan is still a woman that, perhaps, was never a girl. And I am still the fool who stares at her in confusion, waiting to discover her eyes. To carry them into the world, to become a man”.