During Expo2015, the project “Solis silos nutrirsi di luce” by Mario Nanni (the man behind the design thinking of Viabizzuno), presented for the latest FuoriSalone, is open to the public to convey ideas about the culture of lighting, energy, design and art.

“Solis silos, nutrirsi di luce” is a multisensory itinerary that uses light to make design culture, to raise awareness of the relationship between energy savings and the planet, to prompt emotions through the senses, transforming a place into a tool of knowledge and growth: schools, clean and sustainable energy projects, symposia on art, cinema and cuisine will be the contents of a calendar extending from June to October.

Training school for architects
A chance to study the eight rules of light of Mario Nanni, part of the training materials of RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and the Italian architects’ association. Designers can learn from over forty years of experience in the world of light, obtaining academic credits.

Appointments with the great masters of contemporary architecture
From David Chipperfield to Kengo Kuma, Peter Zumthor to Bernard Khoury, the great masters of contemporary architecture narrate their experiences with light. The series starts on 21 July with the Japanese master Kengo Kuma. The conferences are held in collaboration with Padiglione Italia at the 56th Venice Biennale, lit by Viabizzuno.

Contemporary art on stage is the theme of the encounters featuring artists showing at the Biennale in Venice, along with the curator Vincenzo Trione: the first appointment is with Francesco Barocco on 29 July. The series concludes in November with a guided tour of Padiglione Italia, by invitation.

Evenings on cinema
The opening event is on 7 July, with a lecture by Luca Bigazzi (director of photography for leading Italian filmmakers) on the photography of the latest film done by Bigazzi and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Youth. Cinema will also be the theme from 19 August to 6 September, with a series of screenings organized by the director of the Cineteca di Bologna, Gian Luca Farinelli, who will give a talk on 18 September on Cinema of light.

From the culture of light to that of the table
On 10 August and 19 October, presentation of wines produced by Viabizzuno Agricola: Bagliori notturni, Passito and Vermouth. For lovers of fine vintages and good food, there will also be encounters with two masters of Italian cuisine: Mauro Uliassi, award-winning chef of the restaurant of the same name in Senigallia, and the Sicilian chef Carmelo Chiaramonte, who in 2013 took second place at the Paris Cookbook Fair.

All the events are free of charge. Info and reservations (recommended) at www.viabizzuno.com