The cultural association Architettandoorganizes the 4th exhibition of national works of architecture, completing the research of previous years done for the events Equivivere: towards a sustainable architecture, The Italian collective home: works built in 1995-2007, and  Architects interpret the Italian dwelling: works built in 1995-2005. “State of necessity – the urgency of designing tomorrow” is a complex, ambitious event that sets out to understand whether architecture will be able to convert the needs of our time into possibilities for the future. This initiative attempts to investigate the transformations in progress in the conception of making architecture, caused by the new needs of contemporary society. The event is held in Cittadella (Padua) in the spring of 2012 and will be developed in different phases: a cycle of encounters involving experts from different disciplines, not only technical-design fields; a selection of projects evaluated by an authoritative committee, that will be shown in an exhibition organized in three sections: works of architecture of any size, function and scale built on the national territory; projects, studies, research, scenarios, visions not built but selected for ideas competitions, publications or exhibitions; foreign works by invitation. The catalogue will contain not only the works of architecture featured in the show, but also contributions from the encounters and/or pertinent essays, while a website will be operative throughout the process, providing multidisciplinary contributions for a deeper understanding of the theme. The selection committee is composed of: Architettando, Flavio Albanese, Giovanna Borasiand Gaetano Rametta. The committee will assess architectural and compositional quality, characteristics of typological-formal innovation, characteristics of adaptability and transformability. The event is open to all designers; materials should be submitted by 31.01.2012.