Electahas published a volume with texts by Matteo Vercelloniand graphics by Christoph Radlas well as the testimony of many architects, designers, artists and clients encountered by Marzorati Ronchetti over 90 years of activity. The book Steel Tales – Marzorati Ronchetti 90 years for design sets out to narrate, through the "romance of things", the history of a successful business: an extraordinary example of an Italy based on know-how, developed through a cultured approach to crafts that conserves a human dimension. Without limitations of scale, from tiny objects to the facades of buildings; of genre,from artworks to furnishings, architectural structures to design; the only constant is the unique quality of the works. The company has worked with many big names in the arts, creating pieces like the Moon Circus by Philip Baldwin, Open Secret by Anthony Caro, many pieces made for Galerie Italienne, Annisettanta and Mandala del Cantiere by Italo Rota, Rock Giant by Arik Levy, Unititled (The Fist) and Untitled (Bloody Sunday) by Piotr Uklanski. The projects in the book are organized by size, underlining their value as “tailor-made” creations: Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL.