Stefano Arienti "draws with light" and colored ribbons the surfaces of Mirad’Or, the public space configured as a cultural stilt house on the Pisogne lakefront

Six years after the famous work The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne Claude which attracted the attention of the whole world on the territory and following the 'colorful intervention signed by Daniel Buren last summer, Lake Iseo confirms the attention for contemporary art with the installation by Stefano Arienti which materializes the variation of the light conceived ad hoc for Mirad'Or , the unprecedented public space on the lakefront of Pisogne.

A container - metaphorical and physical - of possible encounters, between land and water, between interiors and exteriors, between daytime brightness and nocturnal visions, between two shores, that of Brescia and that of Bergamo. A cultural pavilion that is already a work of art in itself: it frames and completes the surrounding landscape, between lake and mountains, transforming it.

Three-dimensional sundials

For the enchanting village of Pisogne, rich in a millenary art past ranging from Bronze Age rock carvings, to fortified medieval buildings and 15th century frescoes and of the sixteenth century, the artist Stefano Arienti has created an unprecedented work, part of his Meridiane project, declining for the first time in a three-dimensional version The research work it has been carrying out for many years.

The artistic project, promoted by Municipality of Pisogne , designed specifically for Mirad'Or, where it will be exhibited from 9 July to 30 September 2022, was created thanks to the artistic direction of Massimo Minini, in collaboration with Associazione BelleArti.

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Drawing with light and colored ribbons

Meridiana was born and is inspired by light and its observation. The artist chases the shadow that the sun draws , almost like in a game that reflects the echo of light, on the floor and walls. Arienti's sign materializes and gives life to the natural phenomenon of the variation of light : time passes, the stars project and the artist transforms what he sees and imagines into a changing work of art.

The shadows that in other cases Arienti had painted with colors on paper, here take on three-dimensionality for the first time thanks to ribbons of various colors and sizes. The concept of drawing with light becomes more evident, in a space where people are invited to enter.


A cultural stilt house open to art and the public

The particular location and configuration of Mirad'Or - a stilts designed to be visible day and night, from the lakefront of Pisogne or from the opposite shores, which can be visited inside or outside, from the water or from the mainland - make it a small jewel: a pavilion small in size but with great care and quality.

The architectural project from the building with rigorous geometric lines designed by Mauro Piantelli (De8_Architetti) rises from the water, in correspondence with the medieval port which later became a public wash house: the ancient stones are still visible today. water. The space turns out to be flexible but above all open - in a conceptual and literal sense - to people and works, to be kept inside but also exhibited outside.

The direction and thought of Massimo Minini

With the unrepeatable experience of The Floating Piers by Christo and Jeanne Claude, Lake Iseo gets back in touch with great art and does it in a sensational way. Once again there is a great desire for contemporaneity: today, however, unlike in the past when cultures were local and following globalization, experiences mix in a happy interaction and explains Massimo Minini artistic director Mirad'Or, cofounder Bellearti.

What now guarantees the validity of a work is no longer the genius loci, the strenuous defense of local identities, but the connection of these realities in a planetary unicum where the quality of the works makes it possible again that understanding between peoples that was lost after the misadventure of Babel. If in 2021, with Bellearti we chose an artist of great international fame such as Daniel Buren to kick off this significant cultural initiative of the Municipality of Pisogne, this year the preference falls on a younger Italian artist , Stefano Arienti”.

The works feed on and modify the territory

Beyond the physical presence of the works, some common substrates link the works of the two: in particular, the close relationship with the environment in the which they are located and for which they have been conceived, a strong relationship between inside and outside that the works enhance and feed on . In this sense we could say that the two are modern landscape painters of a century in which the artist does not limit himself to portraying the surrounding landscape but intervenes to modify it with his own work . The challenge is always between David and Goliath, also in this case the greatness of the natural landscape is challenged by the intimate beauty of the artificial landscape: who will be the winner?” concludes Minini.