Ten study grants are available, each for 3500 euros, for architects and designers who want to take the Advanced Training course of POLI.design – Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic – in Food Experience Design – Design for innovation of the pizzeria. This is the first course ever devoted to the design and furnishings of innovativepizzerias, an important sector where spaces are being transformed into multifunctional facilities featuring good design and appealing atmosphere. The 5th edition of the 132-hour course, with final project work and an educational tour of the most important venues in Milan, takes place from 15 March to 6 April 2012at POLI.design – Milan Polytechnic (Bovisa campus). The teachers include specialized professionals and professors of the Milan Polytechnic, focusing on practices of design, decorating, lighting, use of colors and materials, marketing and the evolution of trends. Recipients of the grants pay only the registration fee of 500 euros + IVA. Participants receive a certificate from POLI.design – Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic. www.foodexperiencedesign.it.