Ten study grants are available for architects and designers for the advanced training program in New Entertainment Design at the POLI.design Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic. This is the first course in Europe on the creation, design and furnishing of clubs for evening entertainment: bars, lounges, discos, restaurants. The 15th edition of the 224-hour course, with final project work and an educational tour of Milan’s leading venues, is held from 14 May to 29 Juneat POLI.design, Milan Polytechnic (Campus Bovisa). Faculty include specialized professionals and professors of the Milan Polytechnic, to develop themes of design, furnishings, lighting, use of materials, consumption and marketing. Participants receive a certificate from POLI.design. Selected candidates pay only the registration fee of € 1000 + IVA. To apply for a study grant send your resumé, mentioning INTERNI, to: POLI.design, Daiana Bossi  formazione@polidesign.net– tel 02 23997275. www.newentertainmentdesign.it.