Eight study grants are available for the advanced training course at POLI.design– the Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic – on the design of innovative temporary shops, shop-in-shops and trade fair stands. The course, for architects, engineers and designers, covers the creation, design and furnishing of stands and retail spaces, a sector of growing importance due to the evolution of the world of retailing, fairs and events, where design plays a decisive role. The fourth edition of the course, for a total of 160 hours, with final project work and an educational tour of the most important retail spaces in Milan, is held from 16 January to 10 February 2012at POLI.design – Milan Polytechnic (Bovisa campus). Approved applicants have to pay only the registration fee of €1000 + IVA. Program and schedule at www.temporaryspace.it.Participants receive a certificate from POLI.design – the Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic. To apply for a study grant send resumé, mentioning Interni, to: Daiana Bossi  formazione@polidesign.net      – tel 0223997275     www.designexperience.it.