Dustodesign is a project created by Sudlab to experiment with the efficacy and sustainability of the CoP (Communities of Practice) in the sector of design Made in Italy. The project triggers ongoing interaction of designers, master craftsmen, contemporary artists and communication experts. The strategic objectives are to create a community of practice and interests, capable of evolving towards intersectorial, interdisciplinary and intergenerational interaction, exchanges of expertise, continuous informal training, opportunity for young talent and Italian crafts excellence. The proposal for Passagen 2012 at the IIC of Cologne includes the presentation of the latest results of this interaction, namely advanced projects and limited-edition products from the first two years of experimentation. The selected designers are: Dario Gaudio, Alberto Ghirardello, Marco Eba Ghisalberti, Massimo Lunardon, OPLA+, Irene Sartor, Bianca Scarfati and Alessandro Stabile. The exhibition also features the contribution of the artist Lello Lopez that puts old industrial paradigms and new modes of self-production into a relationship, also incorporating design objects from the Dustodesign project. The show consists in the installation of tables from the Ivy project of Opla+ in the hall of the Institute; the tables also function as display surfaces for the selected design projects. The configuration of the tables can be changed, like their number, to construct an exhibition itinerary that maintains normal access and functioning of the Institute hall. Wall-mounted works are in the corridor, including ten acrylics on digital photographs measuring 30×40 cm, and three 16-inch video screens. Sudlab is a non-profit g-local center of research and development through design, the contemporary arts and new technologies of communication and information applied to culture; an open space in a continuous state of becoming, structured around a cluster of sector websites, facilities in physical space and projects implemented in Italy and the world. The center acts as an infrastructure of cultural programming, a gathering place and channel oriented towards the spread of the international state of the art (SoA), the construction of content networks, the importing of good practices, enhancement and communication of contents and resources of quality through processes of monitoring and talent scouting. www.sudlab.com.