Barnaba Fornasetti organizes, in Spazio Fornasetti (Corso Matteotti 1/a), a totally "politically incorrect" exhibition. For the first time in the history of Fornasetti, a show of the ashtrays and other accessories for smokers from the 1950s and 1960s, from the Fornasetti archives. A small exhibit composed of hundreds of tiny objects, absolutely surprising, also with a polemical spirit regarding certain kinds of prohibitionism. Cigarette cases, tobacco jars, match cases, but above all ashtrays with different forms and decorations, tabletop lighters, etc., represented an important part of the output of the atelier of Piero Fornasetti, who – by the way – did not smoke. The ashtray, with a simple form, in relief or lengthened, is the object for which Fornasetti developed the largest number of variations, creating as many as 592 different versions. The round ashtray is another object on which Piero concentrated, creating 244 decorations, some of which are still be reproduced today.